RCPro 2009 – Round 2 – Intermediate Buggy


This was weekend we spent at the RCPro Series race in Red Deer, Alberta. This event was hosted by “The Clutch Nuts” at their outdoor track.

The Clutch Nuts track is large, very large. It contains areas for full throttle straight ways, as well as 180 and 90 degree turns. It also has a table top with a three foot drop into chicanes. Not to mention the off camber corners and railway tie bumps. However, the hardest section is probably the “whoops”, which is six jumps in a row, that if driven correctly can be made in three jumps. This is followed by the large jump right in front of the driver stand with a massive table top that you can easily clear.

For me, the whoops are the most difficult section, you must have your timing and power down precisely or you can only make one of the jumps and lose a tonne of time. During time trials, I could consistently do two of the three sections perfect, with the odd time I would pull all three. This is an area I would love to be able to do more practice on.

The race was a one day event that encompassed three rounds of qualifying and main events. With 150 entrants and multiple classes, it was a very competitive field.

As always I was running the Intermediate Buggy class. With a full heat it was essential that I drive calm and clean, getting speed on the straights and cutting the corners close. During the time trials I was able to execute my plan fairly well over and over. Going into the main event I was starting in third position nine tenths of a second out of second place. With that sort of time spread I knew it was going to be a hard fought main.

During the main I was trying to stick to my plan, however I had two consecutive laps that I botched with major crashes and inconsistent driving. This was enough to let the leader gain about 20 seconds on my place. Unfortunately I was unable to make up the difference, but still finished a respectable 2nd!

My Losi 8ight 2.0 held up well over the weekend. I had one minor issue, having a grub screw come loose on the front drive terrain and lost 4wd. However, this happened in practice so I was able to get the buggy back into tip top shape an on the track. From stock setup I changed the ride high to 28mm in the front and 30mm in the rear. As well as drove 5,7,2 for diffs. After trying a few tire selections the AKA I-Beams were the ones that gripped like glue!

Next time I might lower the ride high a mm each, however it’s such a ruff track you my really need that extra height.. Dunno.

Harley Road Rash – The 2009 Crash detail.


If you’ve been following our Blog, you know that so far in 2009 we’ve had a number of “Bad Luck” issues. This morning, I was struck by this omen again.

I crashed my Harley.

The indicent happened when I was going around a corner and hit some of those gravel bits that the city has yet to clean up. This made my front tire slip out from under me and then gravity took over to do it’s job. After a brief sliding period, my bike and I came to rest on a nice ripped up patch of grass.

After a quick check of myself, I found my leather was covered in grass and my hands stung and my chest was warm. However after removing gloves and all the gear, I found that there was not a scratch on my body.. Tomorrow, I will probably not even have a bruise. The rest of the body felt normal and limber, filled with adrenaline.

Unlike me, the bike did not fair as well. It’s left side is.. For lack of better terms, fucked. The front peg was pushed into the frame, and the frame busted. The rest of extruding parts of the bike are no longer in their pristine condition that I like to keep them in. Now, they have a ugly sand blasted look… Rear shock, front clutch, rear light, and probably some other pieces have this new coating texture. I’ve really not checked it out 100% as I was totally disgusted and simply pushed the bike home ( yes it’s not really ridable ) and left it in the garage.

On the positive note, I was not hurt. My wife is not using her motorcycle in her pregnant condition. So I’ll still have something to ride, until I figure out what to do.

June is not the month to be riding two wheel vehicles in our family. As last year on the 16th, my brother in law was in his crash..

I’m 33 weeks already??!!


I can’t believe I haven’t posted a belly shot since 26 weeks. I thought we did one for 29 weeks, but I guess not…oops.

It’s been an interesting last 4 weeks or so. Here’s the full story (pics are at the bottom if you don’t feel like reading):

I had been having frequent “tightenings” in my belly since about 27 weeks ( early May). These are called “Braxton Hicks” contractions, and are often felt a bit closer to your due date. It feels like my whole lower abdomen tightens, lifts up, and gets hard. Not painful, just kind of uncomfortable. They had been happening at work frequently, like 4-5 times an hour. I was getting kind of nervous about it, so I discussed it with my nurse colleques. They suggested I go over to the Labour and Delivery unit in the hospital to get checked out. I thought this was probably a good idea, it’ll only take a minute. However, this was a way bigger deal than I thought it was. They needed to check me out thoroughly to ensure I wasn’t in preterm labour. Since I was only 27 weeks, our little guy might have survived if born so early, but definitely far from ideal, and they would try to stop labour if that’s what it was. I was hooked up to fetal and contraction monitor, did a urine sample, and lastly they did a wonderful internal exam. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. But it’s way more uncomfortable when pregnant! I thought the doc was trying to remove my tonsils from below! Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point ;)

They all left, and finally a nurse came and asked if I wanted a magazine…I asked why, can’t I get dressed? Turns out I had to stay there another 2 hours to get rechecked to make sure my cervix wasn’t shortening. Hmmm, I was supposed to be at work, I was very busy, and now I was all freaked out so I started to cry. I think they couldn’t figure out why I was upset, but they gave me a phone to call my hubs and my manager.

They checked me again later and everything was the same, but they wouldn’t let me go back to work. I got my stuff and went home, quite freaked out, and still having the tightenings.
I saw my OB early the following week and he said I needed to take it easy. He asked if he should put me off work and I said no, that would stress me out more.

However, over the next week I had so many contractions all the time that I knew when I saw him the following week he would not be pleased. He put me off work then and there.
It was May 19 (29 weeks pregnant), and I had to return to work that morning and tell everyone I couldn’t work anymore during this pregnancy. This after having less than one week to train a girl to my position, and another liver position was still empty. I was so stressed about my job and training someone, and leaving everyone short staffed, but what could I do?

The next couple weeks I actually did a bit of work from home, writing up documents to help the girl covering my position, and being available by phone and email for questions. Thankfully she’s a star and doing great!

Now, I’m completely over the fact that I can’t work, as I’m having enough trouble controlling these contractions as it is. I am not on ‘bedrest’ but I have to limit the number of times I go up and down the stairs, can’t stand in the kitchen or anywhere for that matter for more than 10 or 20 minutes, and can’t go for walks or attend my aquafit classes.

But I can sit in the sun and read a book… :)

I had an urgent ultrasound during all this to check the cervical length and the health of the baby…everything is fine :) I’m now at 33 weeks, and feeling much better about the health of our little guy should he decide to come early. But I’m confident I can keep this guy comfy until at least 37 or 38 weeks. Yikes, that’s 4 weeks from now. My OB joked and said after all this, I’ll probably be the person going to 41 weeks and needing to be induced! You never know.

Anyway, I’m feeling fine, just a little stressed about the persistent tightenings, and the fact that I can’t do what I want to do. Blaine is awesome and doing everything for me. And my Mom is awesome too for coming over and baking the wedding cakes I need for next month…that’s for another post.

Here’s a couple pics:

Blaine wanted to get in on the cat sling action…Macgyver is really starting to like this thing!

Finally, a new belly picture. And I thought I looked huge at 26 weeks ;)

Hotsling Trial


Since the Dove has been off work she’s been able to spend some time preparing for the new addition. One of her favorite pastimes is to research items.

During baby item research, she came across a product called a HotSling. It’s basically a piece of fabric that gets folded over into to and is then hung over your body running from your shoulder to your waist. Once the HotSling is in place, there is a pocket for the baby to rest/sleep/cry in that makes it easy to transport and cuddle. The reviews on this product were very good so we ordered one.

Unfortunately for our cat he was walking by as she was trying the HotSling out. I knew immediately that there was going to be a kitty in the sling for a trial run by the size of her eyes when he sauntered past.

According to the photos we snapped off, he liked it… Sort of.

RCPro Round 1 – Intermediate Buggy


This past weekend the RCPro ran the first leg of it’s series in town. It was a two day event that had the Pro’s from Hot Bodies, Jammin, and X-Ray attending. The race followed the standard format of the first day running qualifiers, and the second day the Main events. In this series your starting position is determined by qualifiing points. This means that your best two finishing in the qualifying rounds are used to determine your starting position for the main event.

, I was only able to run two qualifying rounds on Saturday due to other plans. However after two I was sitting in fifth position. When I arrived at the track on Sunday I found that I was bumped down to 7th in the A-Main. This is still a position I was very happy with!

the weekend, my Losi 8ight 2.0 performed very well. I only had to make a few minor changes to have it tuned to the track. The biggest change I made was changing my rear shock oil from 35 weight to 30 weight and reducing the rebound to 25%. This made the rear stick to the ground like glue! During qualifiers, I was also ran hard tires but then decided on soft compound for the Main. This was a big mistake as the vehicle was very hard to control and did not grip that well…

Starting from 7th place in the main event I knew it was going to be a crazy crash at the first corner, so I was hoping to go wide and clear the traffic. This strategy worked well, and I was able to gain a few positions right off the hop. I then settled into a routine that I was able to keep consistent lap times with a few errors. Unfortuantely, I did flip a few times, and one of these times, the marshal flipped me over and put his hand over the pipe.. This shut off my engine, so my vehicle was races back to the pits for a restart. Restarted, I made it down pit lane, then crapped out again.. An other restart and I was off and running for the rest of the race. I ended up finishing 5th, with the 4th place 23 seconds a head of me and 3rd a few seconds a head of him. I figure if I did not have the engine issue, that I would easily been fighting for 3rd or higher. Either way, I’m very impressed with my finishing result.

Race Results

Race Photos

Baby Spa


The next little Everingham is due in a few months, so that puts me under the gun to get some of our home projects completed before his arrival.

Highest on the projects list was converting the office into the new guys spa room. In order to accomplish this you need two things. A room decor visionary, and a worker bee. Luckily our household already has these two types of people so, from bland, to spa we go.

First the room was sectioned off and painted the two base colours. The room it’s self required a few coats as the old brown wall colour showed through with only a single coat.

After the painting was completed, I purchased hard board and used the trusty Boshe table saw with the diablo blade to make my panels.

The panels were installed using a brand nailer. I’ve never had the chance to use one of these before, and after just a few nails, I knew it was going to be fun.

With the panels installed, they were then painted. Then re-painted the pannels and wall because the original selected color was not white enough.

Finally, then furniture was moved in.

Last step is still under way.. Add baby.

2009 RC Race Season Opener


This weekend was the season opener of the local RC Track. The weather was bright and sunny, and the racers were in mass attendance. The track was very similar layout as last year, however they changed the back where the larger kicker was. This is now there into an off camber turn, and a shikane with two ill placed speed bumps. It’s very
tricky, and probably the slowest section of the track.

The famous Ty Tessmann (ranked 7th in the WORLD in 2008) showed up as well as all of our local sponsored racers and a number of first time racers as well! With approximately 100 entrants there was skill levels from the beginner to the pro. Race days included 4 heats of buggy, 3 of truggy, 1 of monster truck, and 1 electric.

year I made the decision to sell my LST2 and only race the 8ight 2.0 buggy. This was the first time I’ve had it to the track so I was not sure what to expect. After a few practice rounds I was able to identify some issues that could be adjusted to improve the handling. The RB engine I was running was a monster. Initially I was running it with too much gas and it was spewing some out the front bearing. However I ended up changing my clutch then re-tuned the engine and never had any issues.

The race involved four qualifying rounds where everyone’s fastest round was used to determine their position in the final races. My fastest round was something like 11/6:03. This means that I did 11 laps in 6 minutes and 3 seconds. This was fast enough to get me into the 18th starting position, or 8th in the B-Main event.

The B-Main was a 15 minute race that involved 1 pit-stop and 15 minutes of buggy mayhem. When all the dust settled and the race was finally over, I ended up finishing in 5th. This is a performance I’m very happy with since I beat a number of fine racers that last year I never thought I stood a chance against.

Two Wonderful Years


It was a beautiful sunny April 28th exactly two years ago when Blaine and I said “We Do!” I am the happiest, luckiest girl in the world to have found such an amazing guy to share my life with.
Blaine surprised me by making dinner reservations at the place where he asked me to marry him…Smuggler’s Inn. We had a yummy dinner; Blaine had rack of lamb, and I had prime rib Neptune. And the salad bar of course. And this time Blaine could actually eat more than one bite of his food as he had nothing to be nervous about!

Blaine, you are my soul mate, my best friend. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

26 weeks and a Blizzard (not the DQ type)


I’m still feeling great, and we’re now past the 6 month mark! I can hardly believe it. The only little thing that I notice is my back hurts in the morning (and at night). It seems like I have no stomach muscles anymore, so I’m having to awkwardly roll around in bed to change positions frequently.

I had my OB appointment last week, and I’m supposed to do my glucose screening test soon. I figure it’s best to lay off the sweets for a while before that (though for no scientific reason)…but I can’t seem to do that very well. So I keep putting it off. As long as I do it by 28 weeks I’m fine.
So, I’ll do it next week, and be better at reducing the sugar/ carb intake. Hey, I did the South Beach Diet and was very successful…but somehow I can’t get the motivation to stop eating bread. And Blaine made more in our breadmaker tonight and I can smell it as we speak.
Next week I’ll be better ;)

Here’s me at 26 weeks…

It was an awful snowstorm today. The way our door is situated, it gets the full wrath of the wind and snow…so now we can’t even see out of it at the moment. Imagine, a snowstorm at the end of April in Calgary…[insert sarcasm here]

Macguyver and Mommy


Since our rug was stolen with the whole break-in fiasco, we have been on the lookout for a large, soft, shaggy rug of some sort. I brought home two carpet samples from Urban Barn to check the colours. They are about 1 square foot each. I set them on the floor in various places to see how they looked.
Look who is apparently really missing our rug…

And this is how pathetic he looks when the fireplace is on…

So we bought him a fancy “orthopedic” bed. But if you knew him well, you would be able to detect that the look on his face says “I am being forced to lie on this terrible bed only for the picture”. He is not impressed with it at all, and goes out of his way to avoid the damn thing…

Anyway, now that I am 24 weeks along (6 MONTHS!), here are some belly pics from last week…