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Wedding Stuff- Pics for ‘Weddingbells’


Blaine is always telling me I should post more…well, here I am. I am trying to post a bunch of pictures on here so I can link to them on the wedding forum.

Well, my image worked, so now I need to see if I can link to it…

I’ll return with another post with a whole bunch of pics…



Since returning from our Honeymoon APE has been very busy working on Shutterfly. She has created a 71 page honeymoon book that contained most of the photo’s we took when in Belize. This book was her first trial at creating a printed book. I must say that it turned out awesome! So awesome actually, that she created an even larger book that encompases all the photo’s from our wedding!

Things may be getting a little crazy since I just received and email from Shutterfly saying that we are one of their best customers so we can have a free Calendar with our photos on it.. I’m sure it’s something that we will be taking advantage off. LOL

Homeward Bound


Well today is our last day at Jaguar Paw. We are to take the local airline to Belize City where we will stay over night.

Then Saturday we spend the day flying back home to enjoy one day or rest before heading back to work.

We’ve had an awesome Honeymoon with millions of memories. We can hardly wait to share all the photo’s and stories with all of our friends!

Jaguar Paw


Well yesterday we arrived at Jaguar paw in Hopkins Belize. Since then we have finally been kicking back and relaxing.

We had a bunch of Belikin Beers and even some JD to make the day go by. At mid day today the sun burns have been setting in and the water sooo soothing.

The last two days for lunches we’ve been biking into town and trying the local cusine. So far “fish” is the recommended dish. Although there is also not a bad buritto in site.

Today someone is gettting married on the pier and tomorrow as well. Since we’ve been married for over a week now, we may have to offer them some advice.

It’s all up hill!!

Belize Bums


Well Alexis and I arrived in Belize about a week ago for our honeymoon. Since then we have been extremely busy with massive adventures and fun.

Since I really rather sip booze on the beach I’m just going to do a quick overview of some of the stuff we’ve done so far. This, being the first day we have access to the internet again;)

Anyhow, we arrived in Belize scared for our lives as we were reading the Lonely Planet all about Belize City. Basically it tells you, that you are going to get shot and stabbed by everyone. We only spent one day there and managed to walk away un-scathed. Really, nothing adventurous happened on our first night.

The second day we spent travelling by local bus, to inland Belize where we arrived at our honeymoon desitination of Caves Branch.

At Caves Branch we did a number of adventures that really require more detail then i currently have time for. But we

1) Went to Blue Hole Swimming
2) Hiked through a cave to climb waterfalls in the cave
3) Wandered the jungle and did a 300 foot repel
4) Slept in a cave overnight
5) Went to Guatemala to Tikal Mayan Ruins
6) Zip-lined over the canopy

Now we are at Jaguar Paw resort kicking back.

Introducing Mr & Mrs Everingham


Well we got married on Saturday and everything went off without a hitch. Mostly, I would attribute this to all of Ape’s planning and a little luck. The day was bright and sunny and would have been hard to plan for a better day.

Everyone said that they had a good time and really enjoyed the speeches as well as the ceremony.

April Flowers bring Bridal Showers


(posted by Ape) My work-mates all got together and had a shower for me today at lunch…the food was pot luck and was amazing as is the norm for our group functions! The group got a huge gift card for us for the Bay, and another group of staff went together and bought us a set of 4 crystal champagne glasses…they are absolutely gorgeous!And Joanne got me cute little outfit from La Senza :)

The coolest part was the cake that they made…it had both of our names and a real plastic motorcycle with the words “born to ride” above it! That was so thoughful, and everyone was so awesome and giving us good wishes and hugs.

This gettin married thing is awesome ;)

Count down to marriage


Well I just decided to check our wedding site as I have not been on there in a while. Located in the top center of the page is the count down wedding timer. As of today it is at 10. It seems like just the other day it was well over one hundred.

Anyhow, I suppose if we are not ready now we will never be. Luckily Alexis is a planner so I’m not worried about anything. However I do expect some last minute hickups, minor ones hopefully. But hickups none the less.

Today she has a little shower from all of her work buddies. Then only two more days of work and that’s it until after the honeymoon. I still have a little over a week to go.

Coppertone Model


This past Friday I (Ape) went for a practice spray tan to see if I would like it for the wedding. It was kind of scary at first cause I decided that I wanted someone to actually airbrush it on, so I had to stand there in the semi-buff to have it done. After 2 coats, it looked great, pretty natural and not orange. I was told it would get darker throughout the day…yes it did. I had a bunch of shopping to do after, and I was so embarrassed to walk around looking like a glowing bronze Coppertone advertisement.
Anyway, by that night it was quite dark…darker than I would want for the wedding, but I was told that after a shower the next morning it would go back to the initial colour, then I would expect it to fade over a few days.
Well, fade it did. It came right off in the shower, no real significant colour remained like it was supposed to. What a waste of money.
So now I plan to buy a bottle of self tanner stuff and have Blaine help me get it on evenly.
We’ll see how that goes.
I told Blaine today that everyone was commenting on how brown I was. He excitedly says “really?”
I said “ummm…no, not really.” LOL.

Stagette Escapades


Sheri and Beth threw me an awesome bridal shower and stagette on Saturday!

The decorations were designed in a tropical theme (since we are going to Belize for our honeymoon), complete with adorable little pink flamingos lining the walkway! There was enough food to feed the whole wedding guest list! Sheri’s mom made a “Death by Chocolate” dessert, but we were so full and ran out of time to eat it that night…BUT I ate some last night and was in Heaven! There were delicious mini penis cupcakes made by Shauna and Beth. To carry on the “penis” theme, we all had a contest to make the best “penises” out of Playdough. Tamara won for her creative display complete with piercings (trust me, you don’t want details). Beth also created a list of questions that Blaine had already answered, and I was tested on my knowledge of him. If I got the answer wrong, I had to do a boozy jello shooter…I did a lot of shots!

After that we all headed out to Ceili’s for some crazy fun. Beth created an awesome Tshirt for me with “Bride” and our wedding date. Sheri had a tiara with blinking lights for me to wear and a blinking wand for me to carry. It was fun! However, we had to push the limit and they added some tulle resembling a veil, and Tamara insited I wear an inflated condom stuck to my tiara! Those pieces were “lost” shortly after arriving to Ceili’s…ooops!

After a silly night dancing, the “last girls standing” cabbed it over to Gerry’s (the old Husky House) for some greasy grub.

I made it home by about 3:30, and poor Blaine woke up just long enough to ask if I had a good time, then back to snoring.

It was an awesome time, and everyone was so fun to hang out with! Beth and Sheri put so much work into it and it was so worth it!

To make a great weekend even better, the love of my life cleaned up the entire main floor after we left a gigantic mess! Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love him any more than I already do…