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Family Visit


This past weekend we had family from out of town make a reservation at our place for the evening. Since it was their first time in our new place we were very excited to give them the grand tour! After it was over they gave us the details of their whole Alaska adventure they were just beginning over some Cedar Plank Salmon and drinks.

They thought that our cat was very while behaved since we would sit on the chair at the table and just watch. However there were a few times when he would use his paw to bring some morsel (of fish) over to the edge of the table so he could sit on the chair and eat it.

The following morning we went to visit my sisters and family and enjoyed a great breakfast. Since my Aunt has never been on a motorcycle, and it was on her “bucket list”, I let her ride on the rear of the V-Rod during the trip over.

During the breakfast we got lots of entertainment by my niece talking away. As well, the breakfast was completed with a yummy desert, cheesecake. Yes CHEESECAKE at 9am!

I wish they would visit more often, cuz I love lime cheesecake!

I’ve also discovered that our spare washroom shower may not be as easy to use as I first expected. Since the company could not figure how to make the shower head work they ended up having a bath… This is the second set of company to have this same issue. PULL DOWN ON THE SPOUT! Maybe, I’ll have to add this little tid bit of information to our house tour itinerary.

Driveway Down


Our house has been in a stage of limbo for the past few months. Everything internally was completed, but we were still waiting on some major stuff outside. However, last week the cement guys came by and framed in both our walkway and driveway for cementing.

Then yesterday, they poured our driveway! Having this poured changes the whole look of the house, adding a couple of steps up to our front door, getting rid of the gravel out front. It’s really starting to clean it up. Not to mention that the job they did was excellent!

The only bad thing about having the cement poured is
1) 11 Days before you can drive over it to park in the garage.
2) 28 Days before you can park on the drive way.

How to make your wife nervous.


Since moving into our new place there has been a number of different projects on the “to-do” list. However the one that is currently under was is the installation of a Beam Central Vac.

It took us some time to decide on which central vac manufacturer to purchase. Driving to each vacuum store and getting different answers to the same questions. However when we finally entered the Beam store, I knew they made a sale the second I knew my wife saw it on the wall. It was her dream vacuum, sporting all the air watts, suction, and capacity as the other manufacturers. However, they were simply not making their systems in the right colour… Light Green.. Or as APE refers to it “Our Wedding Color”.

Since we are doing the installation our selves, we brought home the system as well as some a bunch of piping. After reading how to install the central vac we were off to the races. Simply take the rough-in from the house, and put them to the main system. Sounds easy!.. It is easy.. If you don’t forget about a couple of the rough-ins and all of the rough-ins don’t have leaks… Unfortunately that was not our case.

Luckily, we only dry fit everything so it was easy to make some changes to the piping layout. It took a few days, but everything is now hooked up, except for one outlet as we’re waiting for the builder to fix it.

APE has only had a few tried with the Beam, however so far it gets a thumbs up! Which is the opposite of the mustache I sported the first day of Central Vac Installation…

Our New Pad


It’s been a few weeks since we moved in. So it’s about time we got back to business updating this site so everyone can see what we’ve been up to!

Of course the only thing we’ve been doing is arranging the house and getting everything unpacked… So here’s a few photos for our friends that can not visit.

New Home Progress- Feb 22, 2008


Our trim is now painted black, and the boxes are on site to do the stone work.

And….our door is painted red! I hope the colour will grow on me, ’cause even though I picked it, it seems to be leaning toward the pink spectrum…hmmm. I think we’ll look in to trying to re-paint it a bit darker red later.

New Home Progress- Feb 8, 2008


We had Sears go in to measure for blinds to give us a quote today…I think we’ll go with them actually. But I’m so excited, because so many things are done now! The carpet is now in! And our microwave is now installed! I am super impressed with the way the kitchen backsplash turned out…it actually looks less bright green in person…for some reason the photos make it look more green than in reality. Let me warn you…I posted a lot of pictures!

More rugs I like


Rug Idea


Here’s a neat idea I found for a rug…using Flor tiles.

New Home progress- Jan 26, 2008


We went by the house today and the patio door was open…were we ever lucky we could get in, cause today there is TILE!!! And the backsplashes are in…they look amazing! We can’t wait to see more of the flooring in, cause even the small amount of tile that’s in loks awesome. It was boiling hot in there, obviously setting the tile. The grout is not in yet, and we’re looking forward to seeing everything with the colour of grout we chose.

Patio door idea


Here is an idea we had for our patio doors… actually it was Blaine’s idea, and a great one! It would solve our problem about trying to find cool blinds at a low cost for that particular door.