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PayPal – Beware


As an avid user of the internet I often find myself purchasing items online. I’ve bought everything from RC vehicles to motorcycles parts. Once, I even tried to purchase a Harley Davidson V-Rod from E-Bay.

Until today I’ve always been please with paying for items using PayPal. Since they offer a service that is easy to use, and I thought protected the buyer and seller.

My thoughts on this have now changed, since I’m currently in middle of a dispute claim with a seller. To make a long story short, this seller has been scamming lots of people out of money by saying he’s selling an item your looking for and then does not provide that item.

Kambo the Scammer

After purchasing an item from Kambo I found the above thread, and quickly went to paypal and disputed the transaction. Then to get it moved to the next level I called paypal and they esculated the claim. Great!

Once a claim is escalated you have to wait 10 days until you get a refund, unless the seller proves they have sent the item. In this case this will not happen. Anyhow, I quickly became part of the Kambo thread posting my issues to others in the same boat. We tracked down where he lives, and the school that he goes to, and are ready to contact the local police department. Then he chimes in on the thread with the following.

im really sorry to everyone i scammed i wasnt thinking though my self and i have made a really big mistake im really sorry i dont want to have a messed up life im still young please forgive me please im waitting for the money on paypal to clear and il refund everyone please i beg you all please forgive me i dont want to go to juvenile please. if you want a picture of paypal saying that is waitting for the money to clear pm me.
please for give me i cant type anymore im getting tears in my eyes.

Im really sorry that i made a really big mistake, please dont send the letter to the pd and the school im really sorry.

Unfortuantely he did not follow-up immediatly with approving everyones refunds, so I called PayPal and indicated that he’s admited he does not have the items and has stolen our money.

This is where my real frusteration with paypal set in.

1. Paypal would not complete our refund early even with evidence that the guy is stealing our money
2. Paypal’s refund policy is flawed. They will only refund any money from his current paypal balance.

What item number 2 means is this… If you’ve purchased and item for 100 dollars and the sellers paypal balance as only 25 dollars, then they will only refund you 25 dollars! You are OUT the 75 dollars, while the seller enjoys whatever other item they have purchased with your money.

Paypal represtitivie stated, if the sellers account balance does not have enough funds then the buyer is responsible for contacting their “Funding Source” to try and get the rest of the money.

I call BS.

So.. If you paid with your Bank Account, then you have to ask for money from the Bank back. Chances of them giving it to you is around 1%.. However, if your funding source was a CreditCard then your chances are 100%.

I personally beleive Paypal should be fully responsible for getting the money back FOR you. They are the ones that did the transaction…

Anyhow, this is long enough. I did my purchase on the Credit Card, so I’m safe. For others out there, I hope you used your CC to.

A quick recap of why you should always use your CC.

1. If there is a problem it’s the sellers job to prove the tranaction. The reverse is true when you pay cash/debit.
2. You have protection on all items that are purchased.
3. The companies that do the cc transactions have to pay for it so the item they are getting less for!