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Thanksgiving Feast (s)!


Last night Nora and Sean invited us to join them for Thanksgiving dinner with their family. Nora’s parents, sister and her baby, cousin and husband, and their friends from work and their baby were in attendance. Nora and Sean prepared an amazing turkey in about 2 hours!…they have a convection oven and boy did it cook an amazing bird. We also enjoyed mashed potatoes and rice with cheese and a little corn…very Mexican and a tradition I think I’ll adopt. Nora’s friend made an amazing salad…it included slices of apples and pears, chopped walnuts, and I think it was slivers of parmesan cheese. The dressing was poppyseed…I think it was lemon juice, oil, poppy seeds…and another ingredient I have forgotten.
It is Nora’s birthday (30th!!!) on Oct 15, so Sean had an amazing cake made for her…it was chocolate fudge and it was to die for!
Nora’s cousin made a key lime pie…very yummy.
I made a couple pumpkin pies (should be a separate blog entry in itself)…needless to say it took me all day to make 4 of them.)The first was pretty much a trial…and Blaine came home and ate half of it! The second was ok. But the last 2 were hot out of the oven when we left for Sean and Nora’s house. Luckily, they turned out awesome, if I do say so myself.
I used the recipe on the back of the canned pumpkin to make the filling…I added about triple the spice amounts it called for, and I think it made it much tastier.
And the crust…oh the crust…this is why I needed 2 trial pies! I basically used the recipe from the shortening box, but instead used half butter and half Crisco, and added 2 tbsp of sugar! It was waaaaay better than any crust I’ve tasted. However, it was not near as flaky as my Nana can make.Oh well. It was really good. Even better with the huge globs of whipped cream that Nora had prepared!
We all had a taste of each desert after our meal, and we could barely make it up from the table we were so full!

After dinner we had a rousing game of Cranium with Sean, Nora, her parents, and 2 of her friends. We all had a lot of fun, but it’s kinda hard for her Mexican family to get some of the Canadian pop culture questions…even though they speak english very well, some of the words take a little bit of explaining.
For example, Nora’s dad had to use the playdough to sculpt something and his team had to guess what he was sculpting…the word was “plunger”. Kind of a strange word, so I whispered to him ” you know, for a toilet”. He proceeded to sculpt a handle for the toilet and made a flushing motion! LOL, it was so cute!
I motioned for him to come over behind the wall to show him what a plunger was…I made a plunging motion towards the floor and immediately he changed his putty to resemble the correct toilet tool and he began to “plunge” the sofa with his putty!!!!! Well done!
Here are a couple photos from the evening…

Final table preparations

Those who prepared something for the meal

Sean “practicing” with his niece

Now we get to do the turkey thing all over again with my parents tonight! How lucky are we?!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Mexican Independence Party!


This weekend we attended a Mexican Independence Party! It was a costume party where everyone had to dress mexican, eat some food and play some games. They had many activities, from guzzling beer, to popping balloons!

The hit game would have been the pinota! I’ve never laughed so hard at Adults trying to hit something blind folded! Nor did I know that it would be soo difficult! Of course when it broke most of the ladies dove in to grab all the candy they could handle ;)

Ape spend the next morning sleeping, as she might have consumed too much booze. Well I went to the nitro track ;)

Super fun weekend!