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RC Pro Canadian Nationals


This summer was a very successful racing season where I finished Third in the province in Intermediate buggy. With this strong finish, I received an invite to the RC Pro Canadian Nationals.

Not wanting to miss out on my chance at a National Title, we packed up the new family and headed to Edmonton for the event. The race was a two day event held at SICS races way, and followed the same format as all of the other races. Day one was qualifying and day two was the main events.

Having little time before the first day to prep my vehicle, I spend some of the evening in the hotel trying to get the minor tuning issues worked out between changing diapers and baby rocking.

We arrived at the track at 7am to get our tent and race equipment setup in time for the 8am drivers meeting. During the meeting they told us that there were going to be four qualifying rounds and the best two determine you starting position for the final event day.

Never having driven this track I was a little nervous when the qualifying started, since there were multiple obstacles on the course that I’ve never experienced and was not sure the fastest way through them. However after a few practice laps I was getting the hang of it, and was able to really pick things up and finish with a 3rd place finish.

Then next qualifier ran 90% of the way until the finish, until the computer crashed, so we all had to go back to pit lane and wait for a restart. Unfortunately when the restart was ready to happen I could not get my vehicle started because of a blown glow plug. Qualifier two result, DNF.

Prior to the third qualifier, I made some tire changes to my vehicle in hopes of loosing up the back end for the tight turns. My car drove like a dream and I was able to squeek out a 1st place finish a whole half second ahead of second place!

Again I switched tires for the final qualifier to try Proline’s new Revolver tire, since they are supposed to add stupid amounts of grip, and I had planned on running them during the final on Sunday. The tires totally changed the way the car handled, it felt like it was on rails. I ended up finishing second place.

Leaving the races on Saturday I had secured a third place start in the A-Main intermediate buggy event. I was very happy with this result and looking forward to Sunday’s main event.

Unfortunately on Sunday just before our event it started to rain cats and dogs. This closed the track, and after some waiting shutdown race day. So placements were awarded based upon qualifying positions.

So at the PC Pro Canadian Nationals I placed Third in the intermediate buggy race!

However this gave me enough points to place Second Nationally! I’ve also received an invitation to the RC Pro Internationals in Texas! Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to attend.

1st Annual Nitro Stampede!


This weekend was the first annual nitro stampede. It was an event focused on buggy and truggy classes without making a driver distention between Pro or Sportsman. The race was a two day event that the top three people in each class received a cash payout!

Saturday was a busy day running four qualifiers, before calling it quits for the day. The competition at the top of the field was close, first to third position was separated by seconds.

Before the start of the fouth qualifier I was in the twelfth starting position, and hoping to improve two position so that I could start in the A main on Sunday. After racing five of the six minutes I was on track to take over seventh position! However, I had a very hard crash that ended up turning my engine off. After a quick restart, I found I lost two laps and had no chance in increasing my starting position. However I was very happy with my racing.

Sunday they ran one more last chance qualifier, before the Main events. I found myself starting in third ( I was bumped down a bit) position on the long thirty minute main event. As soon as the race started, I took the corner at high speed to try and keep a clean start without getting hit from behind. I made a nice clean corner, and was straightening up for the double jumps and took to the air. Unfortunately, another vehicle hit me in the air, causing me to flip and land on my lid. After all cars past me, I finally got flipped over and was dead last.

At this point I was very ticked off and ran a few laps, somewhat out of control. However, after a while I settled down and started to make my passes. Just under half way into the event I had worked my way up eighth position. In the next few minutes, I was able to knock off the next three people leaving me sitting in fifth position!

Jeff, my stiffest competition and good friend was running fourth. After a few corners, I found a place to sneak past him into fourth. Approximately, the next five laps, left him and I changing positions contently. However I ended up pulling away from him and keeping the fourth position for the end of the race.

Having completed the B main in the fourth position, I was the last person to be bumped into the A Main 45 minute race. With only one race between my next A-Main race I was very worried about getting my batteries charges and ready to go. However, they just peak charged before the event was to start to I threw them in the buggy and hit the starting gate.

I really was not worried about where I finished in this race, as I was just happy to be there. About half way into the race I found myself in eight position. Soon after my steering really slowed down so I had to pull into the pits. After a couple of minutes and a few quick repairs I was back out on the track and able to finish the race in 9th.

Overall, I was very impressed with my standing. Another excellent race weekend.

Losi 8ight Repairs


Well the racing season has come to a close, and it appears just in time. Since last night the rear end of my Losi 8ight buggy started making loud grinding noises, then came to a complete halt.

After about three or four gallons on the truck, the rear ring and pinon rears are shot. So this will be my first fixing project during the off season. However it sounds like it’s a bigger deal then it really is. However in order to prevent this from happening next year. I may have to take on a better preventive maintenance program. Since a simple change of the flanged bearings would have prevented this issue.

This year I was very impressed with the way the Losi drove. It was very quick and easy to handle. The only thing I did not really like was that it was wearing tires like mad. However, I attribute this to the track I was driving on which was very hard and almost like cement.

I’m still decided if I’ll change rides this winter or not. There is a newer version out that addresses some of the durability and enhances response. I bought that these upgrades would make much difference to me, since I’m still working on getting to the high intermediate driver level.

2008 – RC Pro


This past weekend I attended the RC Pro finals in Red Deer. It was a large event with over 100 racers entered in the different classes. Since this was the last race of the season I entered both the Monster Truck class and the Intermediate Buggy class.

always the race had lots of people that I know. However I was excited to see my buddy Al come down for the Monster Truck class. Since him and I have lots of fun racing each other.

RC Pro
is run a little different then other races. Due to the time constraints there is NO watering of the race so it get very slippery and bumpy. However they run 4 qualifiers and base your final starting position on how well you did in every qualifier.

I performed very well on Saturday with both vehicles and was amazed to find out that I made it to the “A-Main” in both classes!

On Sunday my starting position in MT was 9th out of 12. I had a rough start since my engine died just before the race started, and about three laps into the 30 minute race someone ramed me from behind blowing out my left rear shock. This took about 4 minutes to get fixed and I was down a number of laps by that time. (12th position) However I drove like crazy for the rest of the race and was able to make up some time. I ended up finishing 10th overall. A position I’m very happy with considering the breakage.

My starting position in Intermediate buggy was 7th out of 12 for the 30 minute main. This race went fairly smooth for me, with Jeff telling me when to come in for fuel, and staying on the track most of the time. With 6 minutes to go I had worked my way up to 5th position! However, with 4 minutes left I blew my rear right shock off one of the jumps. So I ended up limping around the track for the remainder of the race. Pulling in a 7th place finish.

Very happy with my results, and I notice that the practice is really paying off. I’m getting much smoother. Removing all teh crashes from my races and increasing lap time. Next year I’m hoping a top 3 finish is in the cards.

Losi 8 – Engine Problems


During the last couple of weeks I’ve been having a major struggle with my Losi 8ight buggy. Keeping it running for more then five minutes with out the engine cutting out was almost not heard of. This is especially maddening because I’ve got a fairly new engine in it that has massive power.

First I tried setting everything back to factory settings to make sure there was enough gas flowing threw the engine. This setting it ran really rich, but also cutout after a few minutes. So I decided to take the whole engine apart to see if there was something wrong inside.

Again, nothing. No crazy abrasions on the piston or sleeve and the bearings looked great. So I sealed it all up and removed that from the equation.

I moved onto the fuel lines.. They appeared good. Lastly the gas tank.

I removed it and inspected it and did not see an issue. However I decided to pressure test it, buy filling the sink full of water and submerging it. Again everything was fine. Then I decided to blow into the tank to see if it could handle the added pressure.. Ta Da.. A little tiny air leak.

After hours of frustration I replaced the tank and now the buggy runs like a dream. Funny how such a little hole can cause a major issue.

Next time I’m starting at the tank and working to the engine for debugging the issue!

On a side note, the engine I’m running is the Go Tech 3 port Sport (standard plug) engine, with a 7.5mm carb restrictor. With my current tune I’m getting just over 10 minutes of runtime per tank! Once I really get this thing broken in I’m sure I’ll be getting more time since it’s still running rich. This engine is by far one of the best ones I’ve ran and would recommend it to anyone.

only thing that I might do to the engine is change the cooling head to an after-market one. Since it seems a little flimsy and an after-market one would lower the engine temp by 30 – 40 degrees.

CORCS Provincial Final


The last event I attended I ran only the Monster Truck class, however this time I decided to run two both Monster Truck and Sportsman buggy.

I was very impressed on my driving during qualifying and had only a couple of issues. A blown servo in the Buggy and a broken linkage on the MT. However, I was really getting the hang of the course and was able to lay down my fastest lap ever in MT 29.Something seconds! What I found surprising was that my buggy time was about two seconds slower at 31.Something.

When the main events were posted after racing on Saturday I was surprised to find myself placed in the A-Main event in MT with the 8th starting position! As well, I was starting in the A-Main for buggy in 9th position! These are my best starting positions at such a large event ever!

With my excitement I called a bunch of friends to let them know how I was doing and roughly what time I would be racing on Sunday. Everyone showed up just before my first race, and were excited to see me go. However.. five minutes before the race, the weather turned nasty. Rain and hail came down in sheets and soaked the track and pit area.

While it was raining we all stayed dry under our pit tent and fretted about our luck. The rain was over in about thirty minutes but by then the damage was done to the track. The track directors decided to call a wait for two hours before trying to start racing again.

Unfortunately we did not have the time to wait, nor did I want to run all my electronics through a muddy, watery track and ruin them. So I ended up packing up and calling it quits without racing my first ever A-Main event.

Hudy Setup Station!


Since December I’ve been waiting for A-Main to replenish their stock of 1/8th scale off road Hudy Setup Stations. I even called the Hudy head office to see what their deal was with the supply of their products! Months later, I had given up on being able to purchase one prior to the end of this season!

I wait no more! A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the site and found that they finally had them availiable, so I whipped out my credit card and had the station shipped without delay.

Last night when it arrived, I was soo excited to use it I could barely have dinner. Having wolfed down the most delicious meal ever I headed into the basement to perform minute adjustments to my RC vehicles.

After reading the instructions of each key component of buggy setup, I went through the motions of getting everything dialed in. The setup station manual is an excellent reference that tells you exactly what each adjustment will do to the performance of the buggy. It is also printed on high gloss paper that will repel the grease and dirt that you get covered in while doing repairs.

my buggy setup is only half complete, but my excitement mounts! I found multiple areas where things like droop, toe, and camber were not matching on each side of the buggy!

Next time I hit the track, I’m expecting to have a much easier to drive vehicle and be able to cut some time off of my previous laps!

Thanks Hudy!D

2008 CORCS Leg 1 – Red Deer


This past weekend I attended my first Canadian Off Road Championship Series (C.O.R.C.S) held by the Red Deer “Clutch Nutz” race club. There were over 100 racers in attendance for the two day event. This event held many different race classes such as monster truck, buggy and electric.

When I first saw the race race I said, “Wow, it really looks like a parts breaker! Should be super fun to drive”. As the course was a similar size to the Winter Nationals, only hosted outside. It held a number of different jumps, straights, s-turns, off kilter turns and a massive table top right in front of the pit area!

The event was run very well, with three qualifying rounds on Saturday and all main events held on Sunday. This style of race layout made for a reasonable race day length on both days. Also, your place in the finals was determined by how many laps and speed you did through out qualifying.

this was my first C.O.R.C.S race I decided to only compete in the Monster Truck event, even though I had brought my buggy along. There were about 30 drivers in this class competing to make the A-Main.

Unfortunately I did not place as high as I would have liked to, since each time the announcer called “Loop Is Live” I ended up experiencing a break down. During my first qualifier, my receiver battery died and therefor shut off my truck. During the second qualifier I broke a turnbuckle linkage, and during the final qualifier I broke a shock arm. Due to this bad luck I made about five laps all day that were timed. Therefor placing me in the C-Main.

When I arrived back at the track on Sunday, I was not thinking I was going to be able to race in the C-Main, because I still didn’t have a solution for the broken shock arm ( I did not a spare in my pit bag). Then my buddy Jeff mentioned using my buggy shock as a replacement even though it is about 1/4 the size and quite a bit shorter travel. Turned out that I was able to install it and even though the suspension of the MT was all off because of this shock.. I could run in the main event!

Six minutes into the race I was in second place with my hacked up suspension monster truck. I was even a lap up on the third place competitor! However, that’s when disaster struck. My battery decided to turn off again, causing me to drop out of the race…

What I learned.. My battery is toast and has now cause me this issue in a total of three races. It’s going back to the store and I may go Lipo. Also, I missed not seeing my wife for the weekend. :(

2008 Opening Race Weekend at RCGears!


This weekend team Everlee was out at the races again! This time, it was our first appearance at RCGears, where it was opening weekend, and a new track layout for the 2008 season.

The was a large turnout of all different classes of Nitro drivers for the event. This time both the drivers of Everlee competed in the Monster Truck class. At the event they race four qualifying rounds to determine your Main event and starting position. We did quite well in qualifiers with myself placing 1st in one round and Chris placing 5th in his fastest qualifiying round.

When it came to starting the 20 min A-Main event I was in the 5th starting position and Chris in 7th. As always the starting was mayhem, however I came out a head.. And in the lead my a LONG shot! I continued to lead the event threw 12 minutes, when my truck’s fail safe engaged… It engaged because I did not re-charge the pack so I had to drop out of the race.. Which hurt since I was in first.

While I was taking my Truck off the track, Chris came walking up as well. Unfortunately he blew a shock cap that caused his race day to end.

All in all, we had a great day and proved that we could drive with the best of them!

Snowed In


This weekend was absolutely crazy! The snow started on Friday and just did not end until Sunday afternoon.

This snow left the roads like ice. Soo, much so that even with four wheel drive you did not want to head outside. However, we did brave the driving for a while on Saturday for a small jaunt to the Home Sense. During this drive we saw eight.. Yes eight cars in the ditch.

We spent the rest of the weekend just lazing around the house. I was able to get a really nice nitro work area setup. And Mac Gyver checked out the fake plants.