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Teddy Bear Toss


This past Sunday’s game was the annual Teddy Bear Toss. When the Hitmen score their first goal the crowed throws the (new) Teddy Bears they brought to the game on the ice.

With a record attendance of 18,000+ and three tiers of the dome filled up, everyone was just waiting for that first goal. When it finally game the bears rained down on everyone in the lower bowls for about 20 minutes! We tossed our own at the ice, while the higher level’s tossed their bears at us. We were pelted more then our fair share of bears during this event!

In total 22,722 Teddy Bears were tossed onto the ice for the children’s hospital!

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WHL Season Tickets!


If your male, live in Canada chances are you’ve watched a hockey game. Chances are even better that it’s your favorite sport.

Such is the case in our house.

For years I’ve been thinking of getting Season tickets to the local WHL (Western Hockey League) team. However have always found some reason not spend my money on this type of entertainment. Even without purchasing season tickets we would end up going to at least ten games a season, and wonder why we missed the rest.

This year we took the plunge! Section 121, Row 13 seats 5 and 6! This is where we will be cheering our favorite WHL team on for the rest of whole 2008/09 season!

If you like hockey and buy us beer at the game, we might even take you along!