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Home Coming


So we will be headed home in the next few days…

Not really looking forward to leaving the +23 to come into the -21 with snow.

Oh well, at least there is only one more month of winter!

New Home Progress- Sept 4, 2007


After a whole month of keeping you in suspense, here is the last month’s new home building progress…sometimes daily changes are happening!


Well APE has done another round of photos that are available by clicking on the link on the right hand side titled “Our Photo Albums”.

This latest round is all about our wedding. I hope you all enjoy!

Trailer Park


Well last night Alexis decided to cook a surprise meal. When I came to the table I found her secret Trailer Park recipe that she’s never used before.

Chicken smothered in mushroom soup.

It was good however, once we finished dinner I had to go out side and start scattering old car parts all over the lawn. I then proceeded to drive down to Wal-Mart and grabbed a couple of shopping carts for our lawn collection. Luckily I also found a old shed door I can use for a drain spout!!

Cougar Training Seminar


Well I was just speaking with Wendi and she said that she is taking out a couple of her cubs for cougar lessons this weekend. Apparently they are headed to the dance club to test out their new skirts and shoes. She has been diligently teaching them them the “I’m the one you will be coming home with, no questions asked” stare as featured above.

Sean’s Curling Warm-up


As you can see, we have captured Sean in his pre-game warm-up routine!