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Curling Madness


This weekend my Men League team has enrolled in a cash bonspiel! What this means, is when we win every draw we come home with one gazillion dollars! ( Or more likely enough to cover a couple of rounds of booze)

very excited about this weekend, as I’ve never competed in a curling tournament before. Our team is very solid, and I feel like he have a good chance of doing well.

way, it will be a fun experience as we are guaranteed four games.

Wish us luck!

Curling the mens league


As you know I’m curling in the Tuesday night men’s league for the first time this year. Coming from a Wednesday night mixed team, I was thinking it would be much the same.

However… It’s much, much more competitive. Even with our “D” league team there is hardly a missed shot in a game. So needless to say this ads quite the pressure for you to perform.

This season, my game has been steller. I’m throwing good weights and hitting the broom. I’m attributing this to curling twice in the week as well as giving up my skip position to be second. This move was able to give me lots of experience in sweeping (yes my arms go get super sore now), and judging of the ice. Both of these departments I was lacking in.

Because of the way I’ve been throwing, the team has moved my position from second to third! A very nice surprise, with the added bonus that I don’t have to sweep as much!

So far we are 2 win’s and 3 losses. With one of those win’s coming last night as my first day in third position!

Team Everingham – Round 1 Game 2


Unfortunately the winter season is here. Already the colder weather is approaching and you can tell that snowflakes are on the verge of congigating on the lawn, driveway and ski hills in and around town.

However, with this comes the start of our curling season. Same, team, same venue, five times the fun!

This year we’ve switched up the roles a little, and I’ve given up the Skip’s position in favor of sweeping and Sean has taken lead role.

Last night was our second game on the 21 game season and we had a hell of a run for the winning points. A quick recap of the game:

1st End: Opponents 1 Point
2nd End: Opponents 2 Points
3rd End: Us 1 Point
4th End: Us 2 Points
5st End: Opponents 1 Point
6st End: Opponents 2 Point
7st End: Us 3 Points
8th End: Us 2 Points

It was a nail biter right down to the last rock then they threw it wide and we squeaked out a “W”in.

Round 3 – Game 7 Post Game


Last night we played our final game of the 2007/2008 curling season. When we arrived on the ice Sean and I decided to switch up our positions for the game, for a fun change.

Rock after rock were thrown and the game was a nail biter. Sean was calling for lots of takeout shots by Nora, and she was bang on ALL of the time! Actually, the whole team was throwing really well.

The the game came down to the final rock (to which we had the hammer) and required, what can only be described as a TV shot by Sean. Since he was a little disgruntled at all the sweeping I made him do threw out the year. We let it go at a speed that required “getting a sweat on” while sweeping. But with Nora and my technique we were able to bring it all the way into the winners circle for the bump and three point win!

Now we just have our curling windup in a couple of weeks and were off for the summer. Another fun year and good curling is under our belts.

Team 0428

Round 3 – Game 3 Post Game – Everingham vs Wilton


Last night we played a good game against the Wilton rink. Sean was really on his game with a could of beautiful double take outs in a row! He’s now squired a new alias the “Seaninator”.

We also better not forget about Nora’s rock that snaked around another lead rock. It slid right up to the other rock and rolled 45 degrees around it without touching.. I don’t think it would have been possible to get it any closer! Very, very impressive!

The final outcome of the game put is in the lead by a few points.

Round 3 – Game 2 Post Game – Everingham vs Pawloski


Last evenings game was against another rink that has fallen from the B league. Actually it was the only team we beat our last round, so they were out to try and get some revenge.

We were originally scheduled to play on sheet 8, but because it’s so erratic, we switched to sheet three. Also with two of our team mates away on vacation (skipping this cold snap.. Lucky guys) we picked up a couple of friends Kelly and Hillary to play with us.

For the first few ends the points were back and forth, with everyone throwing great rocks even though sheet three had a major left slope. We had and end that was looking the we were going to score five and a lucky shot left Pawloski sitting two. Unfortunately that was the turning point as a similar situation happened in a later end. The long and short is that we lost, but played a good game that was very fun.

Thanks again Kelly and Hillary for your excellent play! Next time we’ll win I *guarantee it!

Redeemable before Feb 1,2008

Round 3 – Game 1 Post Game- Everingham vs Brown


Were into our final round of curling this year! Unfortunately due to our 1-6 record in the “B” league we’ve been bumped down a level. However, that makes us the point leaders in the “C” league.

Last night we played against the Brown rink, who we’ve played a number of times. Since we last played them in the beginning of the season they have really improved! Although I think their main weakness is that each member of the team is only good at throwing one weight. While playing I was giving their skip some help in broom placement (although I can hardly claim to be an expert) and strategy.

As for the game, we stole points in every end except one, making us the winners. The hard worker and key shot(s) award goes to Sean. He threw two rocks back to back to sit right on the button, with a small tap on the Browns stone.

Also Alexis says a hearty meal of pasta before the game gives her a tonne of strength for take-out’s and sweeping. So I say.. “Eat away skinny mini, want another bowl?”

Game 7 Winners!


I’m sure that last night was our final night in the “B” league this year. However, we managed to end out streak of 6 losses with one big win!

The ice could only be described as nasty, since it would only break one way. However we recognized this fact and adjusted our play accordingly. I think the real hero of last nights game was Alexis. She was throwing rocks like she never has before. Just perfect takeout, draws, whatever. She even threw her first double takeout.. With Authority.

I’m hoping that we can stay in the B league.. But I think we’ll be knocked down. Either way it was a fun round and looking forward to playing it again next year!

Round 2 – Game 6 Pre-Game – Everingham VS Pollock


This evening we are in for an excellent game, since we will be playing a team we played one game last year! Also, your confidence is WAY up since we only lost by one point to the leaders of the “B” league last week.

Actually, I learned a lot of useful information last week about curling. I think the forerunner was the fact that the center line on the ice is not just there to give you an idea of where your rock its. Rather it’s the line which separates the slope of the ice. Since learning that the ices is sloped, it makes a huge difference in broom placement, since the rock will break left of right depending on the side.

Also, I plan on wearing my Super “Skip” shirt again. So, beware Pollock!

Round 2 – Game 2 Post Game – Everingham vs Lee


Last night we play a good game. The ladies were able to get the rocks where we needed them and pull out some key shots! Most of the ends were completed with a litter of rocks sitting in front of the house with only a couple of points being able to be scored.

Unfortunately, we did not come out victors, however things started to feel like they are back on track.

Good job team!