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Harley Reloaded


As some of you may remember, about a year ago I had a very unfortunate incident where I hit some gravel one my V-Rod and dumped it causing major damage.

At the time I decided that it was not worth it to go through insurance to fix the bike, since I wanted to put on additional custom parts to make the bike more personalized. After months of hunting for parts, winter and a few hickups. I’ve finally got it road worthy again.

The major items that were fixed or changes were, cracked frame, replaced handle bars and gauges, switch housing, brakes and clutch bleeding, front light relocation.

Right now I’m also looking at moving the license plate and changing the rear signal lights. However this might not happen that quick, since I finally have it back on the road!!! Boy did I miss it!

Harley Road Rash – The 2009 Crash detail.


If you’ve been following our Blog, you know that so far in 2009 we’ve had a number of “Bad Luck” issues. This morning, I was struck by this omen again.

I crashed my Harley.

The indicent happened when I was going around a corner and hit some of those gravel bits that the city has yet to clean up. This made my front tire slip out from under me and then gravity took over to do it’s job. After a brief sliding period, my bike and I came to rest on a nice ripped up patch of grass.

After a quick check of myself, I found my leather was covered in grass and my hands stung and my chest was warm. However after removing gloves and all the gear, I found that there was not a scratch on my body.. Tomorrow, I will probably not even have a bruise. The rest of the body felt normal and limber, filled with adrenaline.

Unlike me, the bike did not fair as well. It’s left side is.. For lack of better terms, fucked. The front peg was pushed into the frame, and the frame busted. The rest of extruding parts of the bike are no longer in their pristine condition that I like to keep them in. Now, they have a ugly sand blasted look… Rear shock, front clutch, rear light, and probably some other pieces have this new coating texture. I’ve really not checked it out 100% as I was totally disgusted and simply pushed the bike home ( yes it’s not really ridable ) and left it in the garage.

On the positive note, I was not hurt. My wife is not using her motorcycle in her pregnant condition. So I’ll still have something to ride, until I figure out what to do.

June is not the month to be riding two wheel vehicles in our family. As last year on the 16th, my brother in law was in his crash..

The Crash Part 3


The scooterist was sent home with the prescription of bed rest, T-3′s and the daughter asking “Do in?”.

Although he’s not 100% or even 65%, the huge step of getting home and starting to heal is underway. I’m sure things will heal and start to increase feeling better daily.

The Crash Part Two


It may be that I’ve down played the extent of the Scooterist accident. As he is still in the Hospital, although doing much better. In the days following the accident he’s had a couple of blood transfusions and lots and lots of Morphine.

, simple. Internal bleeding. Until the Medics get this figured out he will not be going anywhere. Unfortunately this means that there is still a slight chance of a spleenectamy. Of course, you can live comfortable without a spleen, but the preference by the Medics is to keep it in.

With some quick recovery the Scooterist may be out of the hospital by the weekend. So keep your fingers crossed.

All this drama, really make you think about things like giving Blood and Life Insurance.

I must admit that I used to give blood on a semi-regular bases, and then let it slide. It really takes no effort to donate every few months and only takes a few minutes. The down side of the donation is the time and the needle, the upside, the lives it saves… Maybe even someone you know.

Since the Red Cross is in a huge shortage of blood donors and blood, I’ll be getting back on the truck next time they are in my area. You should to.

Friday the 13th


Some people are believers in the “bad luck” on Friday the 13th, and others are not. Until this past Friday, nothing really bad has happened so I was on the unbeliever side of the fence. However, the fact that my Brother in Law landed in the hospital on this special date has turned me into a believer.

story as I know it, was that he was riding home on his Scooter after work then a car decided to blow threw a Stop sign. Then realizing it was about to smooch a Scooterist slammed on the brakes. At the same time Michael, the Scooterist, noticed he was about to be smooched, so he slammed on his breaks. At this point lives, family, daughters, friends and all the jazz did a quick flash, then his breaks grabbed and he went sailing over his scooter while it stopped. Unfortunately, it took an impact with the drivers car to stop him.. Where he just laid on the ground until the Ambulance arrived. They did the regular precautions, such as spine board, neck brace etc, and took him to emergency. In emergence he had some surgery to stop internal bleeding and something to do with his spleen. Luckily he was able to keep the spleen.

, we visited the following day and he was in reasonable shape considering what he just went through. Yes, he was confined to the bed and pumping Morphine, but it’s mostly just bruising and a few bumps. Where hoping that he will be home from the hospital on Monday or the latest Tuesday. Although, I’m sure he’s still just have to rest at home for the week.

Our thoughts and wishes are with Michael and family for this harsh time.