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May Long


For may long 2008 we were invited to attend a group camp adventure in Sicamous BC. Since we camping is our second favorite summer activity (aside from Nitro) we signed up for the fun.

When we arrived there were only a few people at the camp ground. The sites are very large and the nice with forested area all around as well, the location sports a indoor pool and a hot tub (however this was out of order).

Soon after we setup everyone else pulled in and soon we had a group of 11 campers. As you would expect the night ran into the late morning and the fire burned and burned. Not to mention that some of the campers woke up with a headache.

following day the 11 of us went go carting. So, for 15 minutes we were whipping around a track at fast as the lawn mower engines would fly. It was super fun and gave you a little taste of Nascar with all the bumping, passing and everything that was going on. Later on we headed to the beach for some sun and games.

During the weekend we also did a nice hike into the red woods, but unfortunately could not make it to the river as some of the trail was washed out. We also went to “The Burner” for lunch. This was an cool pub style restaurant that was built on the INSIDE of a old log chimney.

On our way home, we had to wait for a little over an hour as the road was closed due to a mud slide that they had been cleaning up all weekend.