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Lennox Furnace vs Arpis Repair Service


With the cold weather finally here, we’ve had to switch from running the furnace fan to running the heat on our 1.5 year old high efficientcy Lennox furnace.

Upon throwing the switch we immedidately noticed a problem. The furnace was starting and stopping about a dozen times a minute, and the fan was also starting and stopping.

The weekends scheduled weather is supposed to range from -5 to -16 degrees celcius for all days so Friday, before the weekend we called Arpis to come in and repair the malfunctioning furnace.

I should have been aware right off the bat that Arips was not going to be an acceptable job, since my call the schedule the approintment the person on the other end could only say “we are swamped”, and seemed like he wanted me to hang up. Either way, I did not and they made an appointment for 2pm on Friday.

When 2pm arrived so did the Arpis technican, and we were glad to see him! Since it was around -11 out already. He came in for an hour and did a massive amount of circut testing. Only to decided that the circuit board on our pretty much brand new furnace was shot.

A breif inspecting into his van found that he did not have the correct board on hand. Instead of going back to the shop and getting the part, he did the following.

1) Turned off our furnace completely
2) Said on Monday morning we should schedule another service call.
3) Said if it gets really cold call Arpis Emergency Response call center.
4) Left

Why some company can get away with coming in to a home on the coldest weekend of the year and turning the furnace off, the tell the home owner, “If it gets cold call our emergency response call center”. I have no idea.

Is it because, like the Arpis rep said on the phone “We are swamped”? Does this give them the right to not complete service calls and then have clients pay a higher fee for a service that should have been completed during regular hours?

No only has Arpis left his high and dry.. We can not even call another company because the tech has already been here and we are going to have to pay the service fee anyhow…

Arpis.. You get a mark of FAIL!
Lennox High Efficiency Furnace.. You ge a mark of FAIL as well.. It worked for only 10 months of heating.