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Harley Reloaded


As some of you may remember, about a year ago I had a very unfortunate incident where I hit some gravel one my V-Rod and dumped it causing major damage.

At the time I decided that it was not worth it to go through insurance to fix the bike, since I wanted to put on additional custom parts to make the bike more personalized. After months of hunting for parts, winter and a few hickups. I’ve finally got it road worthy again.

The major items that were fixed or changes were, cracked frame, replaced handle bars and gauges, switch housing, brakes and clutch bleeding, front light relocation.

Right now I’m also looking at moving the license plate and changing the rear signal lights. However this might not happen that quick, since I finally have it back on the road!!! Boy did I miss it!

Crawling 101


Yesterday was a big day in our house! Our little guy decided that after a couple of months of rolling around on the floor it was time to get to business.

So he put his mind toward being able to get to the cat’s tail and started moving forward! It was not smooth, or graceful. It was more like a snake trying to get off hot pavement. However it did accomplish the goal.

Now the cat must really start to watch-out, as I’m sure he’s high on the must keep touching priority list!