RC Pro Canadian Nationals


This summer was a very successful racing season where I finished Third in the province in Intermediate buggy. With this strong finish, I received an invite to the RC Pro Canadian Nationals.

Not wanting to miss out on my chance at a National Title, we packed up the new family and headed to Edmonton for the event. The race was a two day event held at SICS races way, and followed the same format as all of the other races. Day one was qualifying and day two was the main events.

Having little time before the first day to prep my vehicle, I spend some of the evening in the hotel trying to get the minor tuning issues worked out between changing diapers and baby rocking.

We arrived at the track at 7am to get our tent and race equipment setup in time for the 8am drivers meeting. During the meeting they told us that there were going to be four qualifying rounds and the best two determine you starting position for the final event day.

Never having driven this track I was a little nervous when the qualifying started, since there were multiple obstacles on the course that I’ve never experienced and was not sure the fastest way through them. However after a few practice laps I was getting the hang of it, and was able to really pick things up and finish with a 3rd place finish.

Then next qualifier ran 90% of the way until the finish, until the computer crashed, so we all had to go back to pit lane and wait for a restart. Unfortunately when the restart was ready to happen I could not get my vehicle started because of a blown glow plug. Qualifier two result, DNF.

Prior to the third qualifier, I made some tire changes to my vehicle in hopes of loosing up the back end for the tight turns. My car drove like a dream and I was able to squeek out a 1st place finish a whole half second ahead of second place!

Again I switched tires for the final qualifier to try Proline’s new Revolver tire, since they are supposed to add stupid amounts of grip, and I had planned on running them during the final on Sunday. The tires totally changed the way the car handled, it felt like it was on rails. I ended up finishing second place.

Leaving the races on Saturday I had secured a third place start in the A-Main intermediate buggy event. I was very happy with this result and looking forward to Sunday’s main event.

Unfortunately on Sunday just before our event it started to rain cats and dogs. This closed the track, and after some waiting shutdown race day. So placements were awarded based upon qualifying positions.

So at the PC Pro Canadian Nationals I placed Third in the intermediate buggy race!

However this gave me enough points to place Second Nationally! I’ve also received an invitation to the RC Pro Internationals in Texas! Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to attend.

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