Bare the Belly!


Last week, we decided to hire a photographer to get some photos of my pregnant belly at 35 weeks. I really wanted to capture this special time for us, and get proof that my skin can actually stretch that far (without stretch marks yet, fingers crossed)!

Lisa from Redfern Photography took these photos and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Her prices are very reasonable, and we get to keep the disc for printing! There are over 100 photos that we love, but here are a few of our favourites:

3 Responses to “Bare the Belly!”

  1. Mathieu and Stacey says:

    You look beautiful. Mat really likes the picture with Macgiver.

  2. Martini says:

    These are really nice – love the pic of you guys on the swings! Won't be long before you're spending all your weekends at the park!

  3. Ape says:

    Thanks you guys! We were very happy with the way they turned out. Now to actually print a few and frame them…I doubt that will happen any time soon!

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