Backyard Development – Stage One


This year is our second summer in our house, but the first with our grading certificate. So with that little piece of paper in hand we can get down to some serious development.

Stage one of turning our yard into a baby oasis, is to turn it into a jail… Ups I mean add a fence.

After confirming with the neighbors we decided that a cedar fence with pressure treated posts was in order. So we ordered up the material and got to work.

The first thing that was done was a bobcat was hired to put in post holes for both our house and the neighbors. We followed that up with hours of work installing posts, cementing, screwing boards and finally putting on the gate.

4 Responses to “Backyard Development – Stage One”

  1. Anonymous says:

    that bobcat better not have destroyed that survey pin. Fence looks awesome, good work. Alexis hang in there, 4 days to go. Good luck. Mathieu and Stacey

  2. Akhor says:

    LOL. The bobcat took both of the survey pins right out of the ground! Guess we know who's job just got harder if they ever have to survey our place…

    Sorry ;)

  3. Lee Mulvey says:

    Everything looks perfect! Good luck, A & B! Your baby is almost here – what an exciting time!

    Alexis, you are gorgeous! Blaine, you look delighted with, well, everything! And so you both should be. :)

    Best wishes,
    Lee (an old friend of Blaine's, now professor at a university in Scotland, mother of an almost-five-year-old and an almost-three-year-old).


  4. Martini says:

    Cedar! Nice choice. You know I heartily give it two thumbs up.

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