1st Annual Nitro Stampede!


This weekend was the first annual nitro stampede. It was an event focused on buggy and truggy classes without making a driver distention between Pro or Sportsman. The race was a two day event that the top three people in each class received a cash payout!

Saturday was a busy day running four qualifiers, before calling it quits for the day. The competition at the top of the field was close, first to third position was separated by seconds.

Before the start of the fouth qualifier I was in the twelfth starting position, and hoping to improve two position so that I could start in the A main on Sunday. After racing five of the six minutes I was on track to take over seventh position! However, I had a very hard crash that ended up turning my engine off. After a quick restart, I found I lost two laps and had no chance in increasing my starting position. However I was very happy with my racing.

Sunday they ran one more last chance qualifier, before the Main events. I found myself starting in third ( I was bumped down a bit) position on the long thirty minute main event. As soon as the race started, I took the corner at high speed to try and keep a clean start without getting hit from behind. I made a nice clean corner, and was straightening up for the double jumps and took to the air. Unfortunately, another vehicle hit me in the air, causing me to flip and land on my lid. After all cars past me, I finally got flipped over and was dead last.

At this point I was very ticked off and ran a few laps, somewhat out of control. However, after a while I settled down and started to make my passes. Just under half way into the event I had worked my way up eighth position. In the next few minutes, I was able to knock off the next three people leaving me sitting in fifth position!

Jeff, my stiffest competition and good friend was running fourth. After a few corners, I found a place to sneak past him into fourth. Approximately, the next five laps, left him and I changing positions contently. However I ended up pulling away from him and keeping the fourth position for the end of the race.

Having completed the B main in the fourth position, I was the last person to be bumped into the A Main 45 minute race. With only one race between my next A-Main race I was very worried about getting my batteries charges and ready to go. However, they just peak charged before the event was to start to I threw them in the buggy and hit the starting gate.

I really was not worried about where I finished in this race, as I was just happy to be there. About half way into the race I found myself in eight position. Soon after my steering really slowed down so I had to pull into the pits. After a couple of minutes and a few quick repairs I was back out on the track and able to finish the race in 9th.

Overall, I was very impressed with my standing. Another excellent race weekend.

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