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RCPro Round 1 – Intermediate Buggy


This past weekend the RCPro ran the first leg of it’s series in town. It was a two day event that had the Pro’s from Hot Bodies, Jammin, and X-Ray attending. The race followed the standard format of the first day running qualifiers, and the second day the Main events. In this series your starting position is determined by qualifiing points. This means that your best two finishing in the qualifying rounds are used to determine your starting position for the main event.

, I was only able to run two qualifying rounds on Saturday due to other plans. However after two I was sitting in fifth position. When I arrived at the track on Sunday I found that I was bumped down to 7th in the A-Main. This is still a position I was very happy with!

the weekend, my Losi 8ight 2.0 performed very well. I only had to make a few minor changes to have it tuned to the track. The biggest change I made was changing my rear shock oil from 35 weight to 30 weight and reducing the rebound to 25%. This made the rear stick to the ground like glue! During qualifiers, I was also ran hard tires but then decided on soft compound for the Main. This was a big mistake as the vehicle was very hard to control and did not grip that well…

Starting from 7th place in the main event I knew it was going to be a crazy crash at the first corner, so I was hoping to go wide and clear the traffic. This strategy worked well, and I was able to gain a few positions right off the hop. I then settled into a routine that I was able to keep consistent lap times with a few errors. Unfortuantely, I did flip a few times, and one of these times, the marshal flipped me over and put his hand over the pipe.. This shut off my engine, so my vehicle was races back to the pits for a restart. Restarted, I made it down pit lane, then crapped out again.. An other restart and I was off and running for the rest of the race. I ended up finishing 5th, with the 4th place 23 seconds a head of me and 3rd a few seconds a head of him. I figure if I did not have the engine issue, that I would easily been fighting for 3rd or higher. Either way, I’m very impressed with my finishing result.

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Baby Spa


The next little Everingham is due in a few months, so that puts me under the gun to get some of our home projects completed before his arrival.

Highest on the projects list was converting the office into the new guys spa room. In order to accomplish this you need two things. A room decor visionary, and a worker bee. Luckily our household already has these two types of people so, from bland, to spa we go.

First the room was sectioned off and painted the two base colours. The room it’s self required a few coats as the old brown wall colour showed through with only a single coat.

After the painting was completed, I purchased hard board and used the trusty Boshe table saw with the diablo blade to make my panels.

The panels were installed using a brand nailer. I’ve never had the chance to use one of these before, and after just a few nails, I knew it was going to be fun.

With the panels installed, they were then painted. Then re-painted the pannels and wall because the original selected color was not white enough.

Finally, then furniture was moved in.

Last step is still under way.. Add baby.

2009 RC Race Season Opener


This weekend was the season opener of the local RC Track. The weather was bright and sunny, and the racers were in mass attendance. The track was very similar layout as last year, however they changed the back where the larger kicker was. This is now there into an off camber turn, and a shikane with two ill placed speed bumps. It’s very
tricky, and probably the slowest section of the track.

The famous Ty Tessmann (ranked 7th in the WORLD in 2008) showed up as well as all of our local sponsored racers and a number of first time racers as well! With approximately 100 entrants there was skill levels from the beginner to the pro. Race days included 4 heats of buggy, 3 of truggy, 1 of monster truck, and 1 electric.

year I made the decision to sell my LST2 and only race the 8ight 2.0 buggy. This was the first time I’ve had it to the track so I was not sure what to expect. After a few practice rounds I was able to identify some issues that could be adjusted to improve the handling. The RB engine I was running was a monster. Initially I was running it with too much gas and it was spewing some out the front bearing. However I ended up changing my clutch then re-tuned the engine and never had any issues.

The race involved four qualifying rounds where everyone’s fastest round was used to determine their position in the final races. My fastest round was something like 11/6:03. This means that I did 11 laps in 6 minutes and 3 seconds. This was fast enough to get me into the 18th starting position, or 8th in the B-Main event.

The B-Main was a 15 minute race that involved 1 pit-stop and 15 minutes of buggy mayhem. When all the dust settled and the race was finally over, I ended up finishing in 5th. This is a performance I’m very happy with since I beat a number of fine racers that last year I never thought I stood a chance against.