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Two Wonderful Years


It was a beautiful sunny April 28th exactly two years ago when Blaine and I said “We Do!” I am the happiest, luckiest girl in the world to have found such an amazing guy to share my life with.
Blaine surprised me by making dinner reservations at the place where he asked me to marry him…Smuggler’s Inn. We had a yummy dinner; Blaine had rack of lamb, and I had prime rib Neptune. And the salad bar of course. And this time Blaine could actually eat more than one bite of his food as he had nothing to be nervous about!

Blaine, you are my soul mate, my best friend. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

26 weeks and a Blizzard (not the DQ type)


I’m still feeling great, and we’re now past the 6 month mark! I can hardly believe it. The only little thing that I notice is my back hurts in the morning (and at night). It seems like I have no stomach muscles anymore, so I’m having to awkwardly roll around in bed to change positions frequently.

I had my OB appointment last week, and I’m supposed to do my glucose screening test soon. I figure it’s best to lay off the sweets for a while before that (though for no scientific reason)…but I can’t seem to do that very well. So I keep putting it off. As long as I do it by 28 weeks I’m fine.
So, I’ll do it next week, and be better at reducing the sugar/ carb intake. Hey, I did the South Beach Diet and was very successful…but somehow I can’t get the motivation to stop eating bread. And Blaine made more in our breadmaker tonight and I can smell it as we speak.
Next week I’ll be better ;)

Here’s me at 26 weeks…

It was an awful snowstorm today. The way our door is situated, it gets the full wrath of the wind and snow…so now we can’t even see out of it at the moment. Imagine, a snowstorm at the end of April in Calgary…[insert sarcasm here]

Macguyver and Mommy


Since our rug was stolen with the whole break-in fiasco, we have been on the lookout for a large, soft, shaggy rug of some sort. I brought home two carpet samples from Urban Barn to check the colours. They are about 1 square foot each. I set them on the floor in various places to see how they looked.
Look who is apparently really missing our rug…

And this is how pathetic he looks when the fireplace is on…

So we bought him a fancy “orthopedic” bed. But if you knew him well, you would be able to detect that the look on his face says “I am being forced to lie on this terrible bed only for the picture”. He is not impressed with it at all, and goes out of his way to avoid the damn thing…

Anyway, now that I am 24 weeks along (6 MONTHS!), here are some belly pics from last week…