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Wiggly giggly


For the last couple weeks I have been certain that I’ve felt our little guy moving. Even more recently, Daddy was able to participate in the excitement when the little guy was rolling all around in the morning. That was so cool! And now, if I watch reeeeally close, I can see my belly move a bit when he gets going! It’s awesome!

I wanted to share a cute (and I mean drippingly sweet) song I came across while looking at a photographer’s website…I have come to learn that it was written by Elizabeth Mitchell, who is apparently a childrens’ song writer. Kinda folksy, nice voice.
I warn you though, it’s very cutesy wootsy. And I’m not even too ashamed to admit that (in my pregnancy hormone induced shape) it made me cry…

Here’s a link to the tune “Little Sack of Sugar” . On the left, click “Flower”, then “Listen”, then choose the last track “Little Sack of Sugar”

19 week Ultrasound!


This past Thursday we had our second ultrasound. This one was looking at details of the anatomy, such as the heart, brain, kidneys, bladder, bones, and everything else. Everything is fine, and the tech even said the little one has long legs! The tech was great as she talked us through the whole thing. We got a CD of pics, but they’re not super quality, as the little one was busy moving around and then decided to snuggle face down in the placenta like a pillow! We even got to see the babe opening the mouth and drinking the fluid…looked like a little guppy!

Here are just a few pics:

Blaine took a quick pic of me while the tech was out of the room

This is a pic of the heart…you can see the 4 chambers on the right of the photo. It’s the dark spot that looks like it’s divided into four…

Hi Mommy and Daddy!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…

It’s just getting bigger!


I know it’s been a while again, but here are a few more photos of this little bean’s effect on me from the outside:

The 16 week pic is the day before we left for the Dominican…notice my fake bronzer (Dove Energy Glow) in action…

And of course I’m white as ever shortly after coming home to -25 celsius Calgary weather.

I have definitely been feeling kicks for the last week or so, probably everyday now. People describe it as a ‘fluttering’ or ‘butterflies’, but it doesn’t feel like that to me. It feels like tiny little ‘pulls’, like if someone were under your skin and giving a little pull from the inside. It’s really cool! I can’t feel it from the outside yet, but I am excited for Blaine to be able to experience this too.

I can’t get my jeans done up anymore, so I need to get out asap and pick some up. I plan to check out some maternity consignment stores, but it seems more of them are down in the south. I have a pair of black maternity pants that are super comfy, but I need more desperately! I’ve been feeling great, just a little uncomfortable sleeping on my side all the time.