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Home Coming


So we will be headed home in the next few days…

Not really looking forward to leaving the +23 to come into the -21 with snow.

Oh well, at least there is only one more month of winter!

Dominica .. Blau Resort


We arrived in the Domincan last Thursday after 12 hours of flights and waiting in the airport.

The weather has been, hot hot hot, and very sunny. So far we have avoided getting sunburnt. But have ejoyed eating all day long and the many activities offered on the resort.

We’ve taken in one a la carte restaurant and planning on visiting the steak house tomorrow.

We have not decided on which tours we will take. However we are leaning towards the glass boat tour where you can swim with dolphins, pet stingrays, and party on the boat!

Everyone take care!
Hope it’s cold there!

Sooooo, we have some news…..We’re…


…Pregnant! Actually, been pregs for a while now…14 weeks 5 days to be precise! Many of you knew quite a while ago, we just didn’t get around to posting it here until now!

We took the much anticipated test November 23 and were ecstatic to see 2 little pink lines (faint, but it still counts)!

I felt great for a couple weeks, even had to take another test just to check to see if it was for real.
Then, the dreaded morning sickness kicked in just after the 6 week mark. No biggie though…I never actually lost my cookies, just felt extremely queasy and rough , but mostly in the evenings. Crackers in the bedside table were my savior in the mornings!

Most of this rough feeling disappeared around the 10 week mark. I feel very lucky to have come through the first trimester so easily.
I got to hear the babe’s heartbeat at 10 weeks, and let me tell you, this was a day I’ll never forget! Beating away at 170bpm…healthy little sucker! This made it all seem real.

The 12 week ultrasound has definitely been the highlight so far! I was kind of hard to believe that this little being was inside me, growing and moving around, completely undetected by me so far.
Here is us waiting for the ultrasound:

And here’s some pics of the little one:

The movements might so far go undetected, but the stomach bloat cannot be missed!

We told our parents at Christmas, when I was about 10 weeks along. We didn’t announce to almost everyone else until around 13 weeks.

Here are the proud grandparents at Christmas time (Mine, then Blaine’s):

I’ll try to update as we go along, but we all know I’m not a very dedicated blogger. This post took about 1.5 hours to complete!

If you want to know any details about pregnancy or the physical characteristics of the baby on a weekly basis, just call my Mom. She is keeping herself (and me) well-informed. One day early on she called and recommended I enter “pregnancy” into Google…I’d be surprised at all the information I can learn! With my googling skills already down to a near science, I couldn’t help but giggle about this. But man, is my Mom ever learning lots!

Time for bed now. It’s my day off tomorrow, and it might be time to hem the maternity pants I just bought ;)

Curling Madness


This weekend my Men League team has enrolled in a cash bonspiel! What this means, is when we win every draw we come home with one gazillion dollars! ( Or more likely enough to cover a couple of rounds of booze)

very excited about this weekend, as I’ve never competed in a curling tournament before. Our team is very solid, and I feel like he have a good chance of doing well.

way, it will be a fun experience as we are guaranteed four games.

Wish us luck!