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X-Ray T2’008 – Second Race Day


This past Friday I was able to make it out to the electric race club. It was only the second “Race Day” that i have been there so I was very excited about the night.

Knowing that most of the guys are regulars and have lots of wheel time I was expecting to just be happy to get around the track. And that is exactly what happened.

I raced the qualifiers and was busy making lots of changes to my vehicle. Really.. Just trying to figure what adjustment effects the way a car handles. At first my vehicle was extremly loose in the back end. So I added a bunch of weight on the rear. This helped keep the car planted. Unfortunately.. I lost half the weights during the run and then it made turning one direction much easier then the other.

Another adjustment that I did was lower the ride height. I’m now running 5mm in the front and 5.5mm in the back. The droop was also adjusted to 2.5mm. All these changes where done at once with the help of another guy at the track using his Hudy Setup station.

After making these adjustments the car felt much more planted (without the weights). However it handled quite a bit different which I was not used to. On the night I ended up placing second last. However I had fun and was not really expecting much.

The biggest change I made thought was on my 4pk. I was running my servo speed at 80% and could not make the tight turns. So I raised the speed to 90% (of a .16 200oz servo) and the car turned much butter.. Unfortunately this means I really have to watch how I move the driving wheel, as it will respond 10% quicker then with the other setting. My goal is to be able to drive it at 100%, but I’ll just take it in little steps.

Here the race results
Click Here

One other thing that happened, as I was running a qualifier the guy on the mic described my car and said it was a wicked paint job!

Trojan Horse


One of my favorite pastimes is to ready comics. It’s not often that you come across one and good as this!

The hair cut


Recently my wife has shaved ten years off of her appearance, with a simple hair cut!

I still love her, even though this is the first time I’ve ever seen her with short hair!

X-Ray T2’008


Nitro season has past and I’ve found myself missing RC. Exploring what the city has to offer for winter RC clubs I found one that runs Electric Touring Cars. After watching a few video’s I decided to try my hand at driving on-road TC’s.

I picked up the X-Ray TC’008 EU Rubber Spec edition. It’s one hell of a car. All the parts that would normally be high grade metal are CARBON FIBER! The general fit and finish of the car is amazing. It’s got an easy layout and exactly one million adjustments for everything a full scale race car would have!

Having never run electric before, I also picked up a LRP Sphere TC Competition ESC and a 27 Turn (Stock Class) brushed motor. Putting all these components together was tricky due to the space on the chassis, and my lack of soldering skills. However, after a couple of failed attempts I got it all running.

In preparation of today’s practice, I spent some of yesterday painting the body. After laying out the paint job, I never thought it would turn out this awesome! However it’s one of my favorite ones yet! I’ve even convinced the wife to let me put it on the stand below the TV!

TC’s are supposed to fit speeds of 40 – 50 Km in 400 meters.. Hope when I hit the lane dividers my car does not go BOOM!

Curling the mens league


As you know I’m curling in the Tuesday night men’s league for the first time this year. Coming from a Wednesday night mixed team, I was thinking it would be much the same.

However… It’s much, much more competitive. Even with our “D” league team there is hardly a missed shot in a game. So needless to say this ads quite the pressure for you to perform.

This season, my game has been steller. I’m throwing good weights and hitting the broom. I’m attributing this to curling twice in the week as well as giving up my skip position to be second. This move was able to give me lots of experience in sweeping (yes my arms go get super sore now), and judging of the ice. Both of these departments I was lacking in.

Because of the way I’ve been throwing, the team has moved my position from second to third! A very nice surprise, with the added bonus that I don’t have to sweep as much!

So far we are 2 win’s and 3 losses. With one of those win’s coming last night as my first day in third position!