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Losi 8ight Repairs


Well the racing season has come to a close, and it appears just in time. Since last night the rear end of my Losi 8ight buggy started making loud grinding noises, then came to a complete halt.

After about three or four gallons on the truck, the rear ring and pinon rears are shot. So this will be my first fixing project during the off season. However it sounds like it’s a bigger deal then it really is. However in order to prevent this from happening next year. I may have to take on a better preventive maintenance program. Since a simple change of the flanged bearings would have prevented this issue.

This year I was very impressed with the way the Losi drove. It was very quick and easy to handle. The only thing I did not really like was that it was wearing tires like mad. However, I attribute this to the track I was driving on which was very hard and almost like cement.

I’m still decided if I’ll change rides this winter or not. There is a newer version out that addresses some of the durability and enhances response. I bought that these upgrades would make much difference to me, since I’m still working on getting to the high intermediate driver level.

Team Everingham – Round 1 Game 2


Unfortunately the winter season is here. Already the colder weather is approaching and you can tell that snowflakes are on the verge of congigating on the lawn, driveway and ski hills in and around town.

However, with this comes the start of our curling season. Same, team, same venue, five times the fun!

This year we’ve switched up the roles a little, and I’ve given up the Skip’s position in favor of sweeping and Sean has taken lead role.

Last night was our second game on the 21 game season and we had a hell of a run for the winning points. A quick recap of the game:

1st End: Opponents 1 Point
2nd End: Opponents 2 Points
3rd End: Us 1 Point
4th End: Us 2 Points
5st End: Opponents 1 Point
6st End: Opponents 2 Point
7st End: Us 3 Points
8th End: Us 2 Points

It was a nail biter right down to the last rock then they threw it wide and we squeaked out a “W”in.

Jumbo BirthTron 2000


On Apsie’s birthday we attended a Hitmen hockey game at the Dome. So far the beginning of their season has been outstanding, lots of goal, and we’ve yet to attend a game which they come in second.

As good as the on-ice hockey was, the game packed even more of a surprise during the second intermission. We were in our seats watching the Zamboni when they started announcing Birthday wishes, and putting the people’s names up on the Jumbo Tron.

All of a sudden Apsie hear’s her name called and witnesses her full name scroll on my for the thousands of fans to see!

Yes, I arranged this technical wonder and NO I will give you the inside scoop on how to do it ;)

Happy Birthday Apsie!