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2008 – RC Pro


This past weekend I attended the RC Pro finals in Red Deer. It was a large event with over 100 racers entered in the different classes. Since this was the last race of the season I entered both the Monster Truck class and the Intermediate Buggy class.

always the race had lots of people that I know. However I was excited to see my buddy Al come down for the Monster Truck class. Since him and I have lots of fun racing each other.

RC Pro
is run a little different then other races. Due to the time constraints there is NO watering of the race so it get very slippery and bumpy. However they run 4 qualifiers and base your final starting position on how well you did in every qualifier.

I performed very well on Saturday with both vehicles and was amazed to find out that I made it to the “A-Main” in both classes!

On Sunday my starting position in MT was 9th out of 12. I had a rough start since my engine died just before the race started, and about three laps into the 30 minute race someone ramed me from behind blowing out my left rear shock. This took about 4 minutes to get fixed and I was down a number of laps by that time. (12th position) However I drove like crazy for the rest of the race and was able to make up some time. I ended up finishing 10th overall. A position I’m very happy with considering the breakage.

My starting position in Intermediate buggy was 7th out of 12 for the 30 minute main. This race went fairly smooth for me, with Jeff telling me when to come in for fuel, and staying on the track most of the time. With 6 minutes to go I had worked my way up to 5th position! However, with 4 minutes left I blew my rear right shock off one of the jumps. So I ended up limping around the track for the remainder of the race. Pulling in a 7th place finish.

Very happy with my results, and I notice that the practice is really paying off. I’m getting much smoother. Removing all teh crashes from my races and increasing lap time. Next year I’m hoping a top 3 finish is in the cards.

WHL Season Tickets!


If your male, live in Canada chances are you’ve watched a hockey game. Chances are even better that it’s your favorite sport.

Such is the case in our house.

For years I’ve been thinking of getting Season tickets to the local WHL (Western Hockey League) team. However have always found some reason not spend my money on this type of entertainment. Even without purchasing season tickets we would end up going to at least ten games a season, and wonder why we missed the rest.

This year we took the plunge! Section 121, Row 13 seats 5 and 6! This is where we will be cheering our favorite WHL team on for the rest of whole 2008/09 season!

If you like hockey and buy us beer at the game, we might even take you along!

Bringing your video to the TV using your Wii gaming console!


Recently I’ve been wondering how I could easily get my wall hung tv onto our home network. Since there would be nothing better then watching our photos and videos with others on the big screen.

Having heard that you can do just this, with the X-Box gaming system, we were thinking about purchasing one. However, before we took that plunge I thought I better investigate if it was possible to go the game thing with our current gaming system the Wii.

During my research I ran across The Orb. This is software that you install on one of your computers in your home network. You then configure ORB by telling it which directories have photos, video and other information you want to share. This setup process is painless and quick.

To get this shared data to your TV, you must start your Wii, and download the Opera Internet browser from the Shop channel. Once you have this on your screen you can just web to, enter your user id and password to have all your shared data available at your finger tips!

The data streaming is some what dependant on the speed of you computer you have the Orb software running on, but most newer (last 3 years) computers should be able to handle this.

really great thing about this, is that you also can browse the Internet using the Wii Opera browser! The only draw back is it comes installed with Flash 7 instead of 9 and there is no way to upgrade the player. So some sites like youtube will work, while others requiring the newer version will not.

The Motorcycle Wave


When I was learning to ride, one of the instructors told us about the Motorcycle wave. Simply put it’s when one motorcyclist waves to another.

During our recent trip and you have lots of things to consider and this is one topic I kept thinking of. WHY?

When I first started riding, I could barely keep my left hand on the bike I was so excited to wave at other riders. However as time progressed and my riding skill level went up, I found that I waved less and less often. Until finally when riding I pretty much stopped waving, unless the opposing person had a really nice custom chopper or something unique.

However, during our recent trip it re-ignited my waving spirit. I attribute this to the fact that the the “trip wave” means more then the “city wave”.

is my thinking on the two different waves.

City Wave:
Have fun and watch out for speeding tickets!

Trip Wave:
Enjoy your vacation, have a safe trip, and watch out for deer!

From the above perspective you can see why I enjoy the trip wave much more then the city wave. However, in the whole scheme of things waving is stupid anyhow, since taking a hand off the bars at any moving speed is not a good idea…

Out run the rain?


After a few days on our trip it became apparent that we would be unable to out-run the rain. Having spent most of the time driving threw sheets of rain or drizzle we were getting a little annoyed.

So, we decided to head home early. However, we still covered 3,722 km in eight days! Survived rain, snow, rain, wind, rain, and short bursts of sun!

Happy to be home, here are some random images of our trip.