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Pregnate? You can drink beer too!



Obviously a tasty beverage that most of the adult population enjoys. However, due to some circumstances not everyone can enjoy it all the time. Due to additions, health issues or other reason. Hence the invention on non-alcoholic beer. A beverage of with all the taste of the beer, but none of the fun.

I would not normally promote drinking while pregnant (as it’s quite possible that the girl above got pregnant while drinking). However, this add is soo well done I thought that others should view it. Although I would still stay away from this for your term.

I’m wondering if there is a fake cigarette or cigar add that promotes using there products while incubating a human.

Waterton National Park


This past week we spent three days at Waterton Lakes National Park. Of all the National Parks that we have been to, this is the most scenic and least touristy. Thus making it our favorite. Another unique fact about this park, is that is classified as a “Peace Park”. What this means is that the US Glacier National Park which is located directly south of Wateron both work together to protect a greater area of wildlife and protected area.

During our stay we did a number of different “hikes” (more like strolls in the woods) into lakes and waterfall areas. Red Rock Canyon, Blakiston Falls Akamina Lake, Cameron Lake.

We would have liked to have more photographs of our trip. Unfortunately we forgot to charge our camera battery.

Vipers vs Chiko


This past weekend we were invited to attended our first Vipers game ever. Not only was it a great day for a baseball game, since it was sunny, hot and not a cloud in the sky, but it was a double header as well!

I was originally thinking that not a lot of people attended these games, due to the sparse amount of people in the stands. However while purchasing beer and sausage (for the great price of $7!), we ran into two friends from work, attending the game separately!

It made for a really fun night out, and we will definitely be going back!

Hudy Setup Station!


Since December I’ve been waiting for A-Main to replenish their stock of 1/8th scale off road Hudy Setup Stations. I even called the Hudy head office to see what their deal was with the supply of their products! Months later, I had given up on being able to purchase one prior to the end of this season!

I wait no more! A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the site and found that they finally had them availiable, so I whipped out my credit card and had the station shipped without delay.

Last night when it arrived, I was soo excited to use it I could barely have dinner. Having wolfed down the most delicious meal ever I headed into the basement to perform minute adjustments to my RC vehicles.

After reading the instructions of each key component of buggy setup, I went through the motions of getting everything dialed in. The setup station manual is an excellent reference that tells you exactly what each adjustment will do to the performance of the buggy. It is also printed on high gloss paper that will repel the grease and dirt that you get covered in while doing repairs.

my buggy setup is only half complete, but my excitement mounts! I found multiple areas where things like droop, toe, and camber were not matching on each side of the buggy!

Next time I hit the track, I’m expecting to have a much easier to drive vehicle and be able to cut some time off of my previous laps!

Thanks Hudy!D

Driveway Down


Our house has been in a stage of limbo for the past few months. Everything internally was completed, but we were still waiting on some major stuff outside. However, last week the cement guys came by and framed in both our walkway and driveway for cementing.

Then yesterday, they poured our driveway! Having this poured changes the whole look of the house, adding a couple of steps up to our front door, getting rid of the gravel out front. It’s really starting to clean it up. Not to mention that the job they did was excellent!

The only bad thing about having the cement poured is
1) 11 Days before you can drive over it to park in the garage.
2) 28 Days before you can park on the drive way.

2008 WWT Mustache Competition


Once a year, every year the city goes crazy with western culture hitting the streets, fair grounds and pubs.

This years Second Annual Mustache Competition has some fierce rivalry from the rolling Prairies to the Pacific sea board! Every entry is listed above with their cowboy nickname below the photo.

You have until Thursday at Noon (MST) to place your vote online by clicking the “comment” link and writing the nickname of your favorite mustache entry.




Once a year the city goes crazy with western culture hitting the streets, fair grounds and pubs. So, in order to be part of the fun you dress up like a cowboy, and also grow a mustache!

This is also about the time of year that the wife is also repulsed for a week or more.. Wonder why?