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Show Home Extravaganza


A few months ago the Brother-In-Law and his GF bought a new house. This house is located in the southern part of the city and under development. Since we are fairly familiar with the whole building process it’s fun to watch their new pad being constructed.

Last night we finally had a chance to go through the “Show Home” that their floor plan is based upon. Needless to say we were very impressed with the layout, and the choices available for the starter home. The place seems very spacious and has a really great layout!

Like any new house, they have done a few upgrades to the basic plan to increase the appeal and ease of use. Some colors, walls, and lighting were upgraded. We were very impressed that the place comes with ALL appliances. This is a huge bonus!

When we left the “Show Home” and went to their building location, the shinglers were just finishing up for the night. With the progress speed, I think they will be ready to move in within the next four months! Exceptionally fast considering how long the delays used to be.. Guess that says something for the housing market in our city.

The Crash Part 3


The scooterist was sent home with the prescription of bed rest, T-3′s and the daughter asking “Do in?”.

Although he’s not 100% or even 65%, the huge step of getting home and starting to heal is underway. I’m sure things will heal and start to increase feeling better daily.

The Crash Part Two


It may be that I’ve down played the extent of the Scooterist accident. As he is still in the Hospital, although doing much better. In the days following the accident he’s had a couple of blood transfusions and lots and lots of Morphine.

, simple. Internal bleeding. Until the Medics get this figured out he will not be going anywhere. Unfortunately this means that there is still a slight chance of a spleenectamy. Of course, you can live comfortable without a spleen, but the preference by the Medics is to keep it in.

With some quick recovery the Scooterist may be out of the hospital by the weekend. So keep your fingers crossed.

All this drama, really make you think about things like giving Blood and Life Insurance.

I must admit that I used to give blood on a semi-regular bases, and then let it slide. It really takes no effort to donate every few months and only takes a few minutes. The down side of the donation is the time and the needle, the upside, the lives it saves… Maybe even someone you know.

Since the Red Cross is in a huge shortage of blood donors and blood, I’ll be getting back on the truck next time they are in my area. You should to.

Friday the 13th


Some people are believers in the “bad luck” on Friday the 13th, and others are not. Until this past Friday, nothing really bad has happened so I was on the unbeliever side of the fence. However, the fact that my Brother in Law landed in the hospital on this special date has turned me into a believer.

story as I know it, was that he was riding home on his Scooter after work then a car decided to blow threw a Stop sign. Then realizing it was about to smooch a Scooterist slammed on the brakes. At the same time Michael, the Scooterist, noticed he was about to be smooched, so he slammed on his breaks. At this point lives, family, daughters, friends and all the jazz did a quick flash, then his breaks grabbed and he went sailing over his scooter while it stopped. Unfortunately, it took an impact with the drivers car to stop him.. Where he just laid on the ground until the Ambulance arrived. They did the regular precautions, such as spine board, neck brace etc, and took him to emergency. In emergence he had some surgery to stop internal bleeding and something to do with his spleen. Luckily he was able to keep the spleen.

, we visited the following day and he was in reasonable shape considering what he just went through. Yes, he was confined to the bed and pumping Morphine, but it’s mostly just bruising and a few bumps. Where hoping that he will be home from the hospital on Monday or the latest Tuesday. Although, I’m sure he’s still just have to rest at home for the week.

Our thoughts and wishes are with Michael and family for this harsh time.

Iron Maiden


Thursday night the Dome was host to Iron Maiden! T-Roy and I were lucky enough to have floor tickets.

showed up in time to catch the last few song of the opening band and to grab a great position on the floor.

When the excitement in the Dome stuck and the band was about to go on stage we were able to squeeze our way to the front row. We watched a few songs from up there, then had to get out and you were squished sooo tight you though you were a pancake.

The show was worth every penny! They played for over two hours belting out hit after hit. Not to mention the stage, which was done in a Egyptian theme and the costumes.

I would attend again in a heart beat!

Isorski’s Iron Maiden Review- With Photos!
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Devil Saw


A few weeks ago I picked up a Bosch Table saw from the classified ads. It was the exact saw I had been researching but was un-willing to pay the high cost at the hardware store.

It was very cheaply priced, because the previous owner had blown the engine and just did not want to deal with fixing it. So, I purchased it knowing there were issues.

I took the saw into the shop for repair there they replaced a few internal items, like the circuit board. A few (well more then a few) bucks later it was ready to go!

So now it’s all setup in the garage just waiting to make it’s first cut! It’s also sporting a blood red Diablo 10 inch 50 tooth Combination blade.

First on the list to make… Nitro setup station!

2008 CORCS Leg 1 – Red Deer


This past weekend I attended my first Canadian Off Road Championship Series (C.O.R.C.S) held by the Red Deer “Clutch Nutz” race club. There were over 100 racers in attendance for the two day event. This event held many different race classes such as monster truck, buggy and electric.

When I first saw the race race I said, “Wow, it really looks like a parts breaker! Should be super fun to drive”. As the course was a similar size to the Winter Nationals, only hosted outside. It held a number of different jumps, straights, s-turns, off kilter turns and a massive table top right in front of the pit area!

The event was run very well, with three qualifying rounds on Saturday and all main events held on Sunday. This style of race layout made for a reasonable race day length on both days. Also, your place in the finals was determined by how many laps and speed you did through out qualifying.

this was my first C.O.R.C.S race I decided to only compete in the Monster Truck event, even though I had brought my buggy along. There were about 30 drivers in this class competing to make the A-Main.

Unfortunately I did not place as high as I would have liked to, since each time the announcer called “Loop Is Live” I ended up experiencing a break down. During my first qualifier, my receiver battery died and therefor shut off my truck. During the second qualifier I broke a turnbuckle linkage, and during the final qualifier I broke a shock arm. Due to this bad luck I made about five laps all day that were timed. Therefor placing me in the C-Main.

When I arrived back at the track on Sunday, I was not thinking I was going to be able to race in the C-Main, because I still didn’t have a solution for the broken shock arm ( I did not a spare in my pit bag). Then my buddy Jeff mentioned using my buggy shock as a replacement even though it is about 1/4 the size and quite a bit shorter travel. Turned out that I was able to install it and even though the suspension of the MT was all off because of this shock.. I could run in the main event!

Six minutes into the race I was in second place with my hacked up suspension monster truck. I was even a lap up on the third place competitor! However, that’s when disaster struck. My battery decided to turn off again, causing me to drop out of the race…

What I learned.. My battery is toast and has now cause me this issue in a total of three races. It’s going back to the store and I may go Lipo. Also, I missed not seeing my wife for the weekend. :(