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First Wedding Anniversary


We celebrated our first anniversary this weekend by heading out to Banff!

We stayed in a really fun hotel called The Fox Hotel and Suites. Basically, the reason it was really fun was that it had an awesome hot pool that is fashioned after the Cave and Basin, Banff’s original natural hotsprings. Although it would be difficult to build something like this without it being too cheesy, I think the hotel really pulled it off well!

We also went on a little hike out to Stewart Canyon by Lake Minnewanka . The weather was awesome despite it being pretty muddy and wet on the trails. Blaine even peed his pants when a mountain sheep came bounding over the hill right in front of him in the middle of the trail! Darn,the camera is never right there when you need it!

We walked around Banff for a while, and had a meal at Bruno’s Bar and Grill. We also used some of our time to chill in the room and watch cable (a luxury for us).

On Sunday evening we cracked open the yummy bottle of champagne the Smith’s gave us for a housewarming. Wow, it was the BEST champagne EVER! And Blaine was so sweet…he videotaped the ceremonial opening of the bottle and shooting the cap to the ceiling.

I’d say the highlight (other than being alone with my dearest hubby)was the dinner at The Grizzly House. For those who haven’t been there, it’s a cozy, romantic, fancy fondue place that everyone should experience at least once! It was amazing! We decided to be adventurous (cause we like to think we are) and chose the “Exotic fondue” along with a more standard but still wild “Alberta fondue”. The exotic consisted of pieces of snake, alligator, shark (Blaine’s fave), frog legs, ostrich (Ape’s fave), venison, and buffalo.
The alberta consisted of beef, elk, and venison (and something else I can’t remember).
The full dinner came with salad to start, cheese fondue (yum), and finished with an amazing Toblerone chocolate fondue with wafers, strawberries,and bananas! Luckily, my generous hubs does not like chocolate…oh darn…I’ll just have to choke it all down myself ;)

I would HIGHLY recommend the fondue place…but if you try the frog legs, better have a bottle of champagne to loosen up your palate first ;)

BBQ Sauce


Once in a while you come across a product that you have no choice but to try. With such a captivating label, indicating consumption will “Burn the fur off your pooper”, I was forced to give Bear Claw a try.

While BBQing up my favorite burger patty, I spread this sauce generously on top. Followed by combining the patty with a toasted bun and all the condiments.

With the first bite I was expecting a fire in my mouth, something like eating a jalapeƱo straight! I was sorely disappointed to find a minor tangy flavor and nothing more.

Although this product has great packaging and an even better tag line. My pooper still has fur…

3 out of 5

Snowed In


This weekend was absolutely crazy! The snow started on Friday and just did not end until Sunday afternoon.

This snow left the roads like ice. Soo, much so that even with four wheel drive you did not want to head outside. However, we did brave the driving for a while on Saturday for a small jaunt to the Home Sense. During this drive we saw eight.. Yes eight cars in the ditch.

We spent the rest of the weekend just lazing around the house. I was able to get a really nice nitro work area setup. And Mac Gyver checked out the fake plants.

How to make your wife nervous.


Since moving into our new place there has been a number of different projects on the “to-do” list. However the one that is currently under was is the installation of a Beam Central Vac.

It took us some time to decide on which central vac manufacturer to purchase. Driving to each vacuum store and getting different answers to the same questions. However when we finally entered the Beam store, I knew they made a sale the second I knew my wife saw it on the wall. It was her dream vacuum, sporting all the air watts, suction, and capacity as the other manufacturers. However, they were simply not making their systems in the right colour… Light Green.. Or as APE refers to it “Our Wedding Color”.

Since we are doing the installation our selves, we brought home the system as well as some a bunch of piping. After reading how to install the central vac we were off to the races. Simply take the rough-in from the house, and put them to the main system. Sounds easy!.. It is easy.. If you don’t forget about a couple of the rough-ins and all of the rough-ins don’t have leaks… Unfortunately that was not our case.

Luckily, we only dry fit everything so it was easy to make some changes to the piping layout. It took a few days, but everything is now hooked up, except for one outlet as we’re waiting for the builder to fix it.

APE has only had a few tried with the Beam, however so far it gets a thumbs up! Which is the opposite of the mustache I sported the first day of Central Vac Installation…

Our New Pad


It’s been a few weeks since we moved in. So it’s about time we got back to business updating this site so everyone can see what we’ve been up to!

Of course the only thing we’ve been doing is arranging the house and getting everything unpacked… So here’s a few photos for our friends that can not visit.