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Round 3 – Game 7 Post Game


Last night we played our final game of the 2007/2008 curling season. When we arrived on the ice Sean and I decided to switch up our positions for the game, for a fun change.

Rock after rock were thrown and the game was a nail biter. Sean was calling for lots of takeout shots by Nora, and she was bang on ALL of the time! Actually, the whole team was throwing really well.

The the game came down to the final rock (to which we had the hammer) and required, what can only be described as a TV shot by Sean. Since he was a little disgruntled at all the sweeping I made him do threw out the year. We let it go at a speed that required “getting a sweat on” while sweeping. But with Nora and my technique we were able to bring it all the way into the winners circle for the bump and three point win!

Now we just have our curling windup in a couple of weeks and were off for the summer. Another fun year and good curling is under our belts.

Team 0428

Red Deer Winternationals 2008 – Post Race Review


This year was Team Everlee’s first time attending the winter nationals as competitors. Needless to say we were a little intimidated since it’s such a large event that people across Canada and the states attend. Yet, we forged ahead.

After months of trying to make sure we had every part that we could imagine breaking, and some we could not, we arrived in Red Deer for the event.

The first thing that we noticed was that the track layout was much different from last year. It has quite a few challenging turns, six packs, bumps and even a quad jump!

During practice Chris and I were both so nervous that we came down pit lane and forgot to turn, placing is directly into the weeping tile ;)

As the weekend progressed we got to run four time trials, where they took your best time and place you in a heat with others of similar skill. Of course trials also took there toll. I found out a I had a blown, header gasket, then and blown engine. While Chris, had is throttle stick and the truck run away!

We were able to get everything repaired and ready to go for our main events! There is really no way to describe the main events other then chaos,mayhem and fun!

Our ladies came up to visit us and watch the final event and even grabbed some footage!

Both Chris and I placed third in our Heat! I even set the fastest lap time in my heat at 51.127 seconds!! A little more consistency and I would have taken 1st or 2nd and moved up a level.

Below is a link to some of Chris’s third place run! Unfortunately, I’m experiencing some difficulty downloading my third place run, but will keep you updated when you can see it!

My E-Main Monster Truck Video!!

View Chris’s Truggy D-Main Video!!!