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Winter Nationals – Setup




As you may or may not know, Chris and I be attending the Canadian Winter Nationals for RC in Red Deer this weekend. In order to get ready for this event I’ve been busy cleaning my truck and getting everything in order.

As you can see it’s all been laid out, and hopefully I’m not missing anything. I’ve got everything from the freshly painted monster truck body to the old mico T. However, probably the oddest piece of equipment that’s made my pit box is the gas mask.

Last year Chris and I went to watch this event and just sitting in the Westener watching the races we almost had lung failure. Standing at the drivers stand it looked much worst, so this year we picked these up. Not to mention, since I’ve got to sleep in the same room as Chris, it’s generally a good idea. Mostly because Kara said she’s going to feed him chili this whole week before the race!

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New Home Progress- Feb 22, 2008


Our trim is now painted black, and the boxes are on site to do the stone work.

And….our door is painted red! I hope the colour will grow on me, ’cause even though I picked it, it seems to be leaning toward the pink spectrum…hmmm. I think we’ll look in to trying to re-paint it a bit darker red later.

Round 3 – Game 3 Post Game – Everingham vs Wilton


Last night we played a good game against the Wilton rink. Sean was really on his game with a could of beautiful double take outs in a row! He’s now squired a new alias the “Seaninator”.

We also better not forget about Nora’s rock that snaked around another lead rock. It slid right up to the other rock and rolled 45 degrees around it without touching.. I don’t think it would have been possible to get it any closer! Very, very impressive!

The final outcome of the game put is in the lead by a few points.

New Home Progress- Feb 8, 2008


We had Sears go in to measure for blinds to give us a quote today…I think we’ll go with them actually. But I’m so excited, because so many things are done now! The carpet is now in! And our microwave is now installed! I am super impressed with the way the kitchen backsplash turned out…it actually looks less bright green in person…for some reason the photos make it look more green than in reality. Let me warn you…I posted a lot of pictures!

More rugs I like


Survivor Pool


At work there is a Survivor pool that’s not very technical in nature. You must purchase a survivor by giving the money to the pool coordinator then drawing out of a hat to see who you are cheering for. Although I don’t watch survivor I do join this pool since everyone has an equal chance.

However, after drawing my Survivor for this season, I’ve found that I’m probably going to be the winner. Why? Simple, I drew Alexis! I must admit that my Survivor Alexis is not as beautiful as my wife Alexis. My faith is that she’ll be a winner to!