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Round 3 – Game 2 Post Game – Everingham vs Pawloski


Last evenings game was against another rink that has fallen from the B league. Actually it was the only team we beat our last round, so they were out to try and get some revenge.

We were originally scheduled to play on sheet 8, but because it’s so erratic, we switched to sheet three. Also with two of our team mates away on vacation (skipping this cold snap.. Lucky guys) we picked up a couple of friends Kelly and Hillary to play with us.

For the first few ends the points were back and forth, with everyone throwing great rocks even though sheet three had a major left slope. We had and end that was looking the we were going to score five and a lucky shot left Pawloski sitting two. Unfortunately that was the turning point as a similar situation happened in a later end. The long and short is that we lost, but played a good game that was very fun.

Thanks again Kelly and Hillary for your excellent play! Next time we’ll win I *guarantee it!

Redeemable before Feb 1,2008

Team Everlee Represents


Dear Fellow Team Members and Sponsors,

Team Everlee (Everingham & Brownlee) will be making it’s first appearance at the Canada Nitro Winter Nationals in Red Deer from Feb 29th to March 2nd. Everingham will be competing in the Monster Truck class, and Brownlee will compete in the Stadium Truck class (truggy).

Due to our late sign-up we will be undergoing rigorous training to get in shape for this event. We will require help from all our friends/family in order to be ready for this event.

Duties that will help in the training:
1) Ladies will be required to bring beers to their contestants upon request as quick as possible. There by enabling the contestants to practicing shotguning the liquid like the pit duty of filling the gas tank.
2) Ladies will be required to sport their cheerleader/nurse/maid/bathing suit/birthday suits upon request allowing the contestants to get used to the crowd fans.
3) Contestants will be required to work on their vehicles day and night to be able to strip it down in less then 1/2 an hour.. Also must cover them selves in grease while doing this activity (for the crowd fans)
4) Multiple Team meetings will be required prior to the event to discuss strategy and team colors and body paint schemes.

Good Luck!

Winter Nationals Link

Rug Idea


Here’s a neat idea I found for a rug…using Flor tiles.

New Home progress- Jan 26, 2008


We went by the house today and the patio door was open…were we ever lucky we could get in, cause today there is TILE!!! And the backsplashes are in…they look amazing! We can’t wait to see more of the flooring in, cause even the small amount of tile that’s in loks awesome. It was boiling hot in there, obviously setting the tile. The grout is not in yet, and we’re looking forward to seeing everything with the colour of grout we chose.

Round 3 – Game 1 Post Game- Everingham vs Brown


Were into our final round of curling this year! Unfortunately due to our 1-6 record in the “B” league we’ve been bumped down a level. However, that makes us the point leaders in the “C” league.

Last night we played against the Brown rink, who we’ve played a number of times. Since we last played them in the beginning of the season they have really improved! Although I think their main weakness is that each member of the team is only good at throwing one weight. While playing I was giving their skip some help in broom placement (although I can hardly claim to be an expert) and strategy.

As for the game, we stole points in every end except one, making us the winners. The hard worker and key shot(s) award goes to Sean. He threw two rocks back to back to sit right on the button, with a small tap on the Browns stone.

Also Alexis says a hearty meal of pasta before the game gives her a tonne of strength for take-out’s and sweeping. So I say.. “Eat away skinny mini, want another bowl?”

Game 7 Winners!


I’m sure that last night was our final night in the “B” league this year. However, we managed to end out streak of 6 losses with one big win!

The ice could only be described as nasty, since it would only break one way. However we recognized this fact and adjusted our play accordingly. I think the real hero of last nights game was Alexis. She was throwing rocks like she never has before. Just perfect takeout, draws, whatever. She even threw her first double takeout.. With Authority.

I’m hoping that we can stay in the B league.. But I think we’ll be knocked down. Either way it was a fun round and looking forward to playing it again next year!

Patio door idea


Here is an idea we had for our patio doors… actually it was Blaine’s idea, and a great one! It would solve our problem about trying to find cool blinds at a low cost for that particular door.

New Home Progress- Jan 11, 2007


The cabinets and countertops are in now! I couldn’t get very good pics cause I wasn’t supposed to be in there (but a worker let me run in).

New Home Progress- Dec 21, 2007


We finally got to go through our house after making an appointment with the site super. It was really fun because B’s parents were able to come with us as they were visiting for Christmas.

Round 2 – Game 6 Pre-Game – Everingham VS Pollock


This evening we are in for an excellent game, since we will be playing a team we played one game last year! Also, your confidence is WAY up since we only lost by one point to the leaders of the “B” league last week.

Actually, I learned a lot of useful information last week about curling. I think the forerunner was the fact that the center line on the ice is not just there to give you an idea of where your rock its. Rather it’s the line which separates the slope of the ice. Since learning that the ices is sloped, it makes a huge difference in broom placement, since the rock will break left of right depending on the side.

Also, I plan on wearing my Super “Skip” shirt again. So, beware Pollock!