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New House stuff


Well, I am not feeling well today, so thought I would waste some time posting all of our choices for our house. Really, you will be able to see the finished product soon…the railings are in now, but unfortunately the darn doors are locked. We will post pics as soon as we can get in next week with our appointment!

Front Door colour (Lipstick Pencil)…yes, we are serious :)

Front Stone (Coronado Mountain Ledge in Dakota Brown)

Wall colour (Bristol Beige Cloverdale)

Trim Colour (Bridal Wreath)

Main floor tile (Duke tile in Khaki, size 12×24) and Carpet

Backsplash tile with other selections

Closeup of Glass Mosaics (in Amber by Dal-tile)

Closeup of kitchen countertops (Formica in Tatami Mat)

Kitchen Cabinet colour (Java)

Cabinet door style (Lancaster style in Oak by Superior Cabinets)

Cabinet door pulls (from Superior Cabinets)

Interior Door handles (Galiano style..but in brushed nickle finish)

Iron railings…just an example (Large Basket in silver powder coating by Prestige)

Second floor bathroom tile (Tejas silverton by Ames)

Oh yes…and all of our appliances… woohoo!

Round 2 – Game 2 Post Game – Everingham vs Lee


Last night we play a good game. The ladies were able to get the rocks where we needed them and pull out some key shots! Most of the ends were completed with a litter of rocks sitting in front of the house with only a couple of points being able to be scored.

Unfortunately, we did not come out victors, however things started to feel like they are back on track.

Good job team!

Round 2 – Game 3 Post game – Everingham vs Dixon


Well. I put off writing the post game for the last two games. Mostly for two reasons.

1) We got our asses whooped.
2) We missed lots and lots of shots.

That’s pretty much the breakdown of those games.

Round 2 – Game 3 Pre game – Everingham vs Dixon


This evening were playing the Dixon rink. I’m feeling really good about this game and am sure that we are going to do awesome! We don’t play until 9pm so we’ll have time to go some stretching and get mentally prepared before the game!

I feel a win coming on!

Too much time on my hands?!


Here is what our house MIGHT look like in the future…