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More house spying


Last night we wanted to see if anymore progress has been made on our house since the drywall had been finished last week. It was very dark outside, so we had to go peer in the windows like spies. We noticed that it may have been painted, but unfortunately all the door were locked.
We wanted a better look so I told Blaine to drive the truck around back and pull up to the patio door with the high beams on…I felt like we were the SWAT team trying to make a surprise drug bust! Sure enough, we were able to see enough to know that the interior is now painted our nice brownish colour! Now I can’t wait to see if we can go through it this weekend sometime!

Here are the wall and trim colours (click on the link):


Round 2 – Game 2 Pre Game – Everingham vs Leslie


This evening we play the Leslie rink. I belive it’s a team that we played last year in the C league. So, we should be able to pull out another close one, if not a win.

If we can keep up the level of play we had last week, then we will be in for another long game!

House Photos – Drywall


House Photos – Siding


Round 2 – Game 1 Post Game – Everingham vs Fukami


As you know last night was our first game in the “B” league. When we met our opponents Fukami, we were a little intimated. Mostly because ever since we started curling we’ve seen them around and watched them play. They are excellent curlers.

The during the first end of the game we were in major trouble, looking to five up a minimum of four points, when it came down to the final rock. Our aim was on an we ended up doing a small hit and bash to move our shooter close enough to make them only have two points. Then next end we lost another two points, so we were down four nothing.

Then the turn around came. I think that we decided not to be intimidated and just play our game. Four the next four end we “oned” them. Getting us to an even score going into the final round. Unfortunately they had last rock and won, but we played an awesome game.

Everyone on our team was throwing great.. Even shots they never threw before that was called for.

Nora – A couple of throws that burried her lead rock directly behind their rock
Sean- Two steller takeout one – he threw his rock and removed three rocks from play (unfortunately they were ours) – but he made up for it later by doing the same thing to the opponents rocks
Alexis – Threw a could of nice takeout and sticks!
Me – Hit an rolls.

I hope we play this good every game. I think it was our best game EVER!

Round 2 – Game 1 Pre Game – Everingham vs Fukami


We’ll we’ve got an upgrade!

That’s right we have moved from the “C” league up to the “B” league. We are really excited about being in this harder league. We know that’s it’s going to be more competition then before, but we should get lots more experience!

Grats team on a great job on getting us to the next level!

Round 1 – Game 7 Post Game – Everingham vs Brown


As predicted we played an awesome game last evening. We were able to come out ahead, even if it was with the very last stone of the game!

Grats team! We’re moving on to Round 2!

Round 1 – Game 7 Pre Game – Everingham vs Brown


We are excited about this evening’s match up. As Brown is an extremely fun team to play, and this will be our first encounter since last year. They are a team made up of family members that now has one year of experience under their belt.

We should do quite well this evening!

Round 1 – Game 6 Post Game – Everingham vs Neher


Well last night we had a really fun game against Neher, unfortunately they laid a licking to us.

We were having a lot of difficulty with our weights, with throwing long and short. Seems like we all just had a bad game.

Too bad it happened on Sean’s skipping though. He was doing a fine job!

Round 1 – Game 6 Pre Game – Everingham vs Neher (Maybe)


Well I’m not really sure who we are playing this evening as the schedule has changes. However I believe it’s some team that we have played before…

Obviously this makes it really difficult to write a pre game strategy, so tonights strategy will be to play the game then gave a few drinks at the rink prior to returning home.

Seems like this goal is within our abilities!

Remember a Positive attitude is a winning attitude!