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Round 1 – Game 5 Pre Game – Everingham vs Moen


This evening we are facing a team we have not played before. They should be trembling in their shoes since it’s Halloween and we will all be dressing up! I’m not sure what Sean and Nora are coming as but we will be attending as super heros!

Also, Sean is going to be trying is hand at skipping this evening and I know that he’s going to make me sweep hard. But, I’ve already fooled him as I bought a new curling broom, made of carbon fiber!

I wonder if we talk nicely to the team if they will supply us with faucets for our new house…

Not sure who won…Dentist or Macgyver?


Macgyver made it safely home from the vet…minus 2 teeth. He required extractions of the upper right canine and an upper left molar.

This is Macgyver before the anesthetic…

This is Macgyver after the anesthetic…

Oh yes, and here we are after Macgyver’s vet visit…

MacGyver vs The Vet


This morning we had a secret appointment with the Vet that MacGyver did not know about. We went along with his morning routine, which consists of waiting until six fifteen then asking for food. However this morning we threw a wrench in his plans, as he could not understand why we were not following his every command and going down to his food bowl and filling it. Even after sitting right infront of the bowl and crying for minutes, we would not respond.

Then, when it was time to go to work he got a big surprise! A ride to the vet in his new Cat Carrier! Yes, it’s true, he did not like this either.

Anyhow, now he’s at the vet awaiting some teeth cleaning to get rid of his poo breath.

Dr. Lee Roast


This past weekend we attended a Roast for Dr. Lee. It was a very fun filled evening with his friends spewing off stories about there past and funny things he does. Along with the Roast was a very delicious meal, silent auction, and a comedian.

New Home Progress- Oct 27, 2007


We’re not supposed to tell anyone, but we have been allowed to install some sound-proofing insulation in a couple key areas…between the dining room and the bathroom, and the bonus room and second bedroom. The studs were 18 inches on centre, and it would have been a LOT easier had they been standard sizes. As it was, we purchased 16 inch insulation and cut pieces to fit each space…WAY more work than it could have been. Oh well, it saved us a bundle from what the builder would have charged. Our site superintendent will be getting an excellent review when the time comes (he has been extremely accommodating for us).

New Home Progress- Oct 20, 2007


WOW! Our windows have been installed, and we can really get a better idea of the finished product!

New Home Progress- Oct 12, 2007


The electrical, plumbing, and garage concrete are now completed.

And the front step has been installed.

Round 1 – Game 4 – Everingham vs Fisk


Last night we decided on a different game plan before hitting the ice. The plan was to try throwing shots that we would not regularly throw. Thus giving us experience and confidence on different techniques.

Of course the strategy meant that we were going to be giving up on any chance to win in favor of practice. And I must say it worked out quite well. I’m very impressed on the way everyone was trying to straighten out the shots they they struggle with.

The final score again, is not worth mentioning.. A blow out.

Round 1 – Game 4 – Pre Game – Everingham vs Fisk


This evening we are scheduled to play against Fisk again. However, unless they have somehow dropped their caliber of play a million notches we have little chance.

On the bright side, this will be our last encounter before they are promoted out of the C league into the A league!

We’ll give it out best shot and have lots of fun though!

Tickets and Us!


Well this past Friday I decided to go to visit the Justice of the Peace for a traffic ticket I received. Since the ticket was for Failing to Signal a turn, I wanted to get a reduced fine. So, Alexis and I got up at 6am and were at the court house by 7am. We then proceeded to wait for a while to get into the place since they have a upgraded security system (like the airport). After we were threw security, everything was a guessing game. There was no signage for anywhere you had to go or how things worked.

Anyhow, we figured it out and I was able to visit the Crown, where I said I would plea guilty of a broken tail light. Sooo.. he agreed and I thought the fine would be less. Turns out it was the same price, however there are no demerit point on it. So. I guess that made the trip all worth it.

That evening we had some friends over for a Fondue party, where I was in charge of making the sauces, dips and preparing everything. If I might say so myself, it turned out great! My favorite was the Onion Tempura! Yummie! I think Alexis favorite was the Chocolate Strawberries and Bannana.

We also went to a show home accessory sale. Where we picked up some nice rugs, art and a lamp.

The auction we attended, had nothing worth bidding on… Oh well.

I almost forgot, Alexis got a pair of used Skates so she’s now ready to hit the ice again!