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2007 Curling Practice!


This evening our curling team will be re-uniting for the upcoming 2007/2008 Season!

We are headed down to the rink to see if we remember any of the technique that we learned last year. I’m hoping that it does not take too long to remember everything, but I’m sure getting the right draw weight and takeout weight will be a challenge. At least… We struggled with it all last year ;)

We are not even sure what league we will be in yet. I’m assuming that we will be in the “C” league. Unless they have enough for the lower “D” league this year. But really, last year we were middle of the pack in the “C” league so probably should remain there.

Keep your broom on the ice!

Mexican Independence Party!


This weekend we attended a Mexican Independence Party! It was a costume party where everyone had to dress mexican, eat some food and play some games. They had many activities, from guzzling beer, to popping balloons!

The hit game would have been the pinota! I’ve never laughed so hard at Adults trying to hit something blind folded! Nor did I know that it would be soo difficult! Of course when it broke most of the ladies dove in to grab all the candy they could handle ;)

Ape spend the next morning sleeping, as she might have consumed too much booze. Well I went to the nitro track ;)

Super fun weekend!

Curling Signup!


Last night our curling team got together to go and sign up for a new season. We again joined the Wednesday night mixed league, so in a few short weeks you can read about our curling adventures!

Also, I received a new engine from Horizon Hobbies for the one that I sent in with the broken piston shaft. I was quite surprised to find that they gave me a whole new one, I was thinking that they would just replace the piston and sleeve!

Nitro Weekend!


Well this weekend Chris made his first appearance at the nitro track with me! We headed out Sunday for about three hours for some racing, fixing and fun! He brought his MGT and it ran awesome all day. It was flying over the table tops and spinning the berms perfect!

My LST was running awesome as well. I had a couple of problems with the drive terrain but was able to fix them and get it back and running asap.

We had some really good races, with the monster trucks and buggies all going at the same time. It’s amazing how quick the buggies go and totally smoke the MT’s. Luckily I’ve got a buggy just waiting for an engine backplate and it will be in the races!

This coming weekend I’m going to try and get some video’s…