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New Home Progress- Aug 29, 2007


We’re getting close to having a basement soon. Well, not that close…

New Home Progress- Aug 25, 2007


…now things are moving! We actually have some cement in the wood things.

New Home Progress- Aug 18, 2007


We finally have a hole!!! Ahem…

New Home Progress- April 3, 2007


A while back we posted that our new house has been started…we will be monitoring the building progress with pictures, but I have to post some stuff in the past to get us up to date…
So here is our dirt lot before any building had begun. (Note the house next door was a mere basement)

More Karaoke Birthday


Blaine has left it up to me to post about his birthday and other goings on, but as you can see, I’m 5 days late…his birthday was Aug 24! Better late than never…

We had a crazy idea to have a Karaoke party, so we checked out some prices to rent the equipment for the night. Turns out, it’s about the same price to buy a DVD player, a couple mics, and a few Karaoke DVDs!
Almost as soon as everyone arrived, we dragged them all downstairs to sing. Almost everyone took a turn at the mic, no matter how bad they… I mean we were. Even our neigbours took the mandate ” if we can’t beat ‘em, we’ll join ‘em”, and brought over a whole tray of yummy shooters for us. I’ll bet they hoped to put us in a drunken stupor so we could no longer sing. But they didn’t realize it would just make us braver! They are aweome neighbours!

I think the highlight of the night was Sean’s loving solo to Blaine. Here’s proof…

Trevor seemed to really enjoy the microphone (and he was actually not too bad)…

And even Mike let it rip with some good ole’ Backstreet Boys…or was it New Kids on the Block…? ‘Nuff said.

Blaine even got some gifts. And as you can see, he’s just like our cat…spends more time playing with the wrapping than the gift itself! LOL



My wife made me this awesome Cake for my birthday!

It’s almost exact on my paint for for the Savage!



Well a couple of nights ago, Alexis and I were driving around and thought we would go past our new lot. Since, the process so far has been a real pain with building with Centrex, we expecting nothing..

However, we were finally surprised. Our lot has a nice big hole in it with some wood laid around the bottom! Seems like they are actually going to get the cement poured this year!

We have some photo’s and will post them later!

Nitro Night


Last night I headed to the private nitro track after frantically swapping parts onto my old Savage engine so it will run in the LST. I changed the clutch shoes, springs and some bearings before throwing on the clutch bell.

After having some difficulty, I got the engine all installed and headed to the track. Once I arrived I was thinking of firing it up, but it would not move. That was when I noticed that, the new engine did not fit that well. Between everyone that was at the track, I was able to use a generator, with a drill and a metal cutting bit. So, I took a few minutes and machined out the area I needed, dropped the engine in and was ready to go.

After that I ran great all night! Winning some nice multi lap races and flying off the turns on others.



My wife and I have been going to a few Auctions lately. Mostly they are of new furniture or show home furniture.

Anyhow, last night we ended up buying a couch for our bonus room.

Broken Engine.


Well today I went out to the nitro track with the LST. Hoping for a good day. After the first tank the LST cut out and was jammed. I was frustrated because I have only ran 1 gallon threw this engine…

It seems like a manufactures defect to me.. Here’s photos of the broken parts.