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Last night we went to our first auction. The main items were all supplied from showhomes around calgary. They had everything from couches, beds to stamps and coins.

It was fun to sit there and watch the bidding going on, even though we had a few things that we might have bid on, we ended up not bidding. Things were going got extremely good deals though, so we will be keeping an eye on this auction and watching for some things that we need.



Well this weekend was a busy one. Alexis and I had Friday off so we went around checking out some new vehicles. We were able to find one that we were really interested in, however we could not reach a price that was reasonable from the dealership. So we walked away… I do think that they were please, but they were asking too much for a high KM vehicle.

Anyhow, the next day we had our meeting that we have been waiting for with Centrex. We were a little apprehensive because of all the problems that we have been having with them. Every issue that we brought up they were FINALLY willing to offer some solutions. So, we walked away quite happy for the first time. However, I would still NEVER recommend building with them.

Later that day we went to our friend Amy’s house, where she showed us her beautiful new Harley Sportster 1200. We all went for a ride in the blazing heat and then returned for a nice dinner.

Finally, yesterday I went to the Nitro track for abhout 3 hours and was really learning to drive the new course awesome. However, I blew a spur gear just before Trevor and Alexis arrived so I could not show them.. Actually I ended up losing a few screws and crap from the track, and spend almost all afternoon working on the truck to get it all back in tip-top shape.

When Alexis and Trevor arrived, they arrived in style. As Trevor was sporting is new Nissan Pathfinder (pronounced PantyFinder). Can you say swanky?

After the track all three of us went to an auction viewing of show home furniture. So this evening, we will be heading back to do so bidding!

Wednesday Nitro


Well last night I headed down to the Blackfoot track so that I could run some nitro. When I arrived, I found the track in excellent shape, since we just had a quick rain it was nicely packed and not really dusty.

I grabbed my hopped up Savage 25 out and pulled the starter and and the engine fired right up. Then a few seconds of adjusting the idiling it died. Which, is always what happens. So I pulled to start it again and the handle on the starter broke. So I had to rip the engine out and have a look at the starter. Unfortunately I was not able to get it fixed so I had to get my other truck operational.

However, since I did not plan on running the LST it was all out of battery juice. So, I hooked it up to my truck to charge the battery, but it took 40 minutes, so before long two hours were passed and not a drop of nitro run.

I went home a little disappointed, but spent a few minutes working on the pull starter for the Savage and got it working.

Next time I’ll have better luck.



This weekend we headed out camping again. We went up to Spray Lakes, which is just outside of Canmore for an evening. The weather was nice, although a little on the cool side.

In the morning we went and did a hike for about an hour to find a beautiful waterfall It was very rewarding and scenic.

Also my friend Brent from Hamilton was in town for a wedding so we got the chance to hang out a bit.

Allergy to Bocce Ball


We were invited to Sean and Nora’s new house last evening for the first time since they have moved in. Their house is absolutely gorgeous, and they have done such and awesome job of decorating it. They BBQ’d up some burgers and smokies, and then Nora pulled out an amazing german chocolate cake…my favorite!
Then we played bocce ball…girls against guys. The girls smoked the guys, and luckily we had to quit while we were still ahead, due to a huge storm coming in.

Shortly before we went back inside, I started to get really sneezy and congested again…the usual allergy fun. But when we started to head home, I was getting pretty wheezy and tight in my chest…I have never had that before with the allergy season.

All night I wheezed away and could barely breath. At work this morning I could barely finish a sentennce without having to stop and take a huge wheezy breath.
I went in to my doctor after trying to work for a couple hours, and realizing this is not normal.
He figures my upper airways are just very narrowed from the exposure to the allergen (grass etc) and I may need a little ventolin to help me out at this time, and if it ever gets this bad again.

Blaine said he thinks since we are now married, I am just assimilating to be like him…great, I’ve always wanted to have asthma ;)

Cowboy Competition


I declare Blaine the winner of this year’s Stampede Moustache and Cowboy competition!

Wedding Stuff- Pics for ‘Weddingbells’


Blaine is always telling me I should post more…well, here I am. I am trying to post a bunch of pictures on here so I can link to them on the wedding forum.

Well, my image worked, so now I need to see if I can link to it…

I’ll return with another post with a whole bunch of pics…

Mach 427


Well, last night I picked up another engine for my nitro truck. It was a brand new Mach 427. The reviews on this engine are quite good, they say that the power band is great and that they are really impressed.

I was lucky enough to get it off the RC board brand without a drop of fuel threw it. I probably will not run it until I blow the Mach .26 since it is running strong. But the price was right and I could not pass up this deal.

Also, last night I managed to finish getting the fence painted. It’s nice to have this job under the belt and it really looks good!

Mustache Man!


Well, stampede has finally hit cow town again this year. This means that for the last month I’ve been growing a beard in preparation for the WorldWeb moustache competition.

Just today I cut out a little of my beard to see what the out outcome is going to be… Apparently I’m going to look like a fool for the next week or so!

I may not win the “Best Mustache” but I’d probably win “Most likely to molest” LOL

Alexis laughed at me all morning, but I think she’s into it now!



Well last night I headed down to blackfoot to get one last go and the old nitro track before it was ripped out. I took both the LST and the Savage in hopes that between the both of them I could make it the whole night.

When I got there a few people were just getting ready to run. So I fired up my LST and ripped a few warm up laps off. When the engine was up to 230, I was ready for some racing! To my delight, the LST fired off without a hitch burning the fastest lap, even ahead of an old school buggy!

I ran out of gas, so it was back to the work bench to do some tuning. I was speaking with Dave ( one of the track experts ) about some setup issues. He gave me a hand with a few things that results in dropping the center of gravity on the truck, decreased steering (so I can make adjustments without it being instance and loosing a straight line). We also turn the back tires in a bit and the front out. The idea is that the back tires will help keep it straight and the front tires will grab with full tread on corners.

After doing a couple of test laps, the LST was running like mad! Even fast and better handling then the first few runs! This thing is SUPER fast! I cann’t belive it!

Also, Sorry about the posts lately. No excuses, other then we’ve been lazy!