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New Bike


Well last night I picked up a new (used) motorcycle, for our friend Amy. She just completed the motorcycle training course on the weekend and was extremely exciting about getting a bike. So after some shopping she found a nice 2000 Honda Shadow Ace 750 Deluxe. I went with them to pick it up since they wanted someone to drive it home from Bragg Creek.

For me it was like a blast from the past. Not only was this the exact bike, year,make and model that I had for my first bike, but it was the same color too! I really enjoyed riding it home, it brought back memories of the week long trip I did with that bike through out BC.

The downfall, was that I got home late.. Now I’m just shaking off the end of some drowsiness.



Since returning from our Honeymoon APE has been very busy working on Shutterfly. She has created a 71 page honeymoon book that contained most of the photo’s we took when in Belize. This book was her first trial at creating a printed book. I must say that it turned out awesome! So awesome actually, that she created an even larger book that encompases all the photo’s from our wedding!

Things may be getting a little crazy since I just received and email from Shutterfly saying that we are one of their best customers so we can have a free Calendar with our photos on it.. I’m sure it’s something that we will be taking advantage off. LOL

Walking Ape


This weekend APE and I were very busy. On friday night we went to a local campground to meet up with some of my work friends. When we arrived they had just pulled in and set up their swanky trailer. So, we quickly setup our tent and headed over for some drinks.

A while later into the evening we had the wandering french rogues of the campground attach them selves to our fire pit with their guitar. So we all ended up having a great time.

Saturday I had our first “Wii” party. Some of the guys came over to play “Wii” and BBQ and such. After the event there is only one this to say.. Wii is totally awesome, I cann’t wait to get even more games then I already have. Since currently I have Mario Party 8, Splinter Cell – Double Agent and Sports.

Sunday APE did a walk for Liver. She was one of the top fundraisers of the group! Crongrats on that!

While she was walking I was cleaning my bike. Two hours later it was sparkling clean and ready for the road. While I was cruising around a guy in a lamborghini drove up beside me and gave the thumbs up!

We also met up with Sean and Nora, our first time seeing them since we both got married. We had fun sharing, stories, photo’s and everything about each of our weddings! There doing great, only slowly adjusting back to this time zone.


Well APE has done another round of photos that are available by clicking on the link on the right hand side titled “Our Photo Albums”.

This latest round is all about our wedding. I hope you all enjoy!