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Who’s there?


Well today at work I spend three and a half hours on the phone with a guy trying to install an upgraded version of a Mitel PBX System (A PBX System is used for by hotels to allow phone functionality in rooms) Basically the Property Management System send some byte via RS232 (serial port) and then the PBX accepts them and does whatever.

After hours I finally found out the problem we were sending 02415245594f55544845524503, but the PBX was expecting 024152455955544845524503. Now this may look like garbled crap to you. Which is true until you take into account that two digits are used to get the ASCII character. So the hex code 02415245594f55544845524503 actually translates to “AREYOUTHERE” which was incorrect for some reason they thought they should want the code 024152455955544845524503 which translates into “AREYUTHERE”.

Long story short, a “O” caused me a total headach, but looking back at the difference it seems stupid.

April Flowers bring Bridal Showers


(posted by Ape) My work-mates all got together and had a shower for me today at lunch…the food was pot luck and was amazing as is the norm for our group functions! The group got a huge gift card for us for the Bay, and another group of staff went together and bought us a set of 4 crystal champagne glasses…they are absolutely gorgeous!And Joanne got me cute little outfit from La Senza :)

The coolest part was the cake that they made…it had both of our names and a real plastic motorcycle with the words “born to ride” above it! That was so thoughful, and everyone was so awesome and giving us good wishes and hugs.

This gettin married thing is awesome ;)

Count down to marriage


Well I just decided to check our wedding site as I have not been on there in a while. Located in the top center of the page is the count down wedding timer. As of today it is at 10. It seems like just the other day it was well over one hundred.

Anyhow, I suppose if we are not ready now we will never be. Luckily Alexis is a planner so I’m not worried about anything. However I do expect some last minute hickups, minor ones hopefully. But hickups none the less.

Today she has a little shower from all of her work buddies. Then only two more days of work and that’s it until after the honeymoon. I still have a little over a week to go.

First Ride of the year


My final ride of last year was in late September when it was getting cold and snow was due within the next few weeks. A few blocks from my house I ran over some debris where my tire immediately started to go flat. Since I was only a couple of blocks from home, I rode it and threw it up on the jack for the winter.

Anyhow, the weather has finally been turning nice again, so I called the tow truck to come and pick it up to go to the dealer for some new tires. The guy that towed it was very nice and totally respectful of the bike. When I asked about padding some of the tie down straps so there is no chance of scratching, he said “don’t worry I’m going to use new straps, I know how you harley guys are.” So I knew right then my ride was in good hands.

When we arrived at the dealer, it was “demo days” so there were a tonne of bikes around the shop. I unloaded the bike and then talked to the guys about getting the new tires. While I was talking to them some of the “demo days” riders where checking out my 2004 VSRCB Anodized Aluminimum ride.

Anyhow I left it and with the dealer and came back later that day. When I arrived I found that they have cleaned and washed the bike (even though it was all polished up before I brought it into the shop) and was sitting out in the parking lot with the tonnes of other bikes around.

Still to this day when I see my ride I think there is not a nicer bike or a different one that I would like to own. It’s kinda a weird feeling as I thought I might want to go to some other type of bike (even a custom). But nope, I just love it too much.

Coppertone Model


This past Friday I (Ape) went for a practice spray tan to see if I would like it for the wedding. It was kind of scary at first cause I decided that I wanted someone to actually airbrush it on, so I had to stand there in the semi-buff to have it done. After 2 coats, it looked great, pretty natural and not orange. I was told it would get darker throughout the day…yes it did. I had a bunch of shopping to do after, and I was so embarrassed to walk around looking like a glowing bronze Coppertone advertisement.
Anyway, by that night it was quite dark…darker than I would want for the wedding, but I was told that after a shower the next morning it would go back to the initial colour, then I would expect it to fade over a few days.
Well, fade it did. It came right off in the shower, no real significant colour remained like it was supposed to. What a waste of money.
So now I plan to buy a bottle of self tanner stuff and have Blaine help me get it on evenly.
We’ll see how that goes.
I told Blaine today that everyone was commenting on how brown I was. He excitedly says “really?”
I said “ummm…no, not really.” LOL.

Lighting in our Life


Last night Alexis and I had one of the final appointments in the building of our house. We had to head down to the lighting store to see about choosing all the outside, hall way, entrance and dining room lights.

Before we arrived I had visions of this being a fairly quick meeting, however once we walked in the door I knew I was wrong. With exactly five hundred thousand choices for every type of light (of course most were “extra”), I new the choices would be gruling.

After two hours we finally had everything picked out and were happy. However, on the way home Alexis was thinking that the double tier light that we choose might be too big… Even when she woke up this morning it was the first thing she talked about.. So we may need to change this.. Oh well.

The place is really starting to shape up! Too bad it’s going to be a year or so before it’s ready..

Hitmen vs Ice Game 6


Last night Alexis, Trevor, Paul and I all headed to another Hitmen playoff game. We were hoping that the Hitmen would win the series without having to go to another game, but we were sadly mistaken.

They Hitmen totally outshot the Ice by 15 shots and played much better, they just could not get anything past the Ice goalie. Even though the series is now tied, I’m thinking that the Hitmen will lose the final game coming up.

From a spectator point of view though, last nights games as extremely enteretaining. By far the best one I’ve attended this season.