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Game On


Last evening Sean, Nora, Alexis and I all met at their new home for a walk through. There place is absolutely amazing! The have some swanky cork flooring all threw the main living area, that is soo warm on the feet, as well as high ceilings and some crazy high tech awesome counter tops! It’s really one of those places you have to see to believe! I’m soo excited for them to move in!!

APE is much better with the details so maybe I’ll leave that up to her.

After the showing, we all headed to the saddledome for the hitmen’s 3rd playoff game vs the Ice. It was a good game where the hitmen came out one goal ahead in the dying seconds. Sean and I enjoyed the game while Alexis and Nora did “wedding talk” the whole time! But they enjoyed sharing stories about “Wedding Hair”.

Hockey and Houses


Since curling is finished Sean, Nora, Alexis and I have decided to keep up out wednesday evening adventures. To stay with the theme of ice sports, this evening we will be attending the Hitmen vs Ice hockey game at the dome.

We are also going to view their new home after work and are very excited to see it! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

Also, today is the 28th.. This time next month we will all be married.

Shoe City


Well last night Alexis and I went to the mall to buy shoes. While we were in one store I asked the guy about a problem I was having with my motorcycle boots rubbing my heal and making them uncomfortable to walk in for extended periods of time. He took a quick look at them, hammered something and bam! Fixed… Now they are awesome!

Alexis also bought a new pair of shoes for work and almost bought a second set for play. However, they were out of her size, so only one pair last night. I guess this means another night at the mall in the near furture!

As well, almost everyone has replied for our wedding so we are going to be sitting at the mid eighty mark for attendance.

Stagette Escapades


Sheri and Beth threw me an awesome bridal shower and stagette on Saturday!

The decorations were designed in a tropical theme (since we are going to Belize for our honeymoon), complete with adorable little pink flamingos lining the walkway! There was enough food to feed the whole wedding guest list! Sheri’s mom made a “Death by Chocolate” dessert, but we were so full and ran out of time to eat it that night…BUT I ate some last night and was in Heaven! There were delicious mini penis cupcakes made by Shauna and Beth. To carry on the “penis” theme, we all had a contest to make the best “penises” out of Playdough. Tamara won for her creative display complete with piercings (trust me, you don’t want details). Beth also created a list of questions that Blaine had already answered, and I was tested on my knowledge of him. If I got the answer wrong, I had to do a boozy jello shooter…I did a lot of shots!

After that we all headed out to Ceili’s for some crazy fun. Beth created an awesome Tshirt for me with “Bride” and our wedding date. Sheri had a tiara with blinking lights for me to wear and a blinking wand for me to carry. It was fun! However, we had to push the limit and they added some tulle resembling a veil, and Tamara insited I wear an inflated condom stuck to my tiara! Those pieces were “lost” shortly after arriving to Ceili’s…ooops!

After a silly night dancing, the “last girls standing” cabbed it over to Gerry’s (the old Husky House) for some greasy grub.

I made it home by about 3:30, and poor Blaine woke up just long enough to ask if I had a good time, then back to snoring.

It was an awesome time, and everyone was so fun to hang out with! Beth and Sheri put so much work into it and it was so worth it!

To make a great weekend even better, the love of my life cleaned up the entire main floor after we left a gigantic mess! Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love him any more than I already do…

Wedding hair


Last night I went to have my hair done as a practice run for the wedding. Nicole was recommended to me, and she did a really good job. We decided to do my hair all curly…but other than that, I don’t want to give away any details!

I came home and showed Blaine, and he commented that it looks really “fun”…so we’ll go with that! I spent a few minutes pulling all the pins out, and then took a picture of myself looking like Raggedy Ann (in a good way though, heehee).

At work today I just have it all pulled back in a thick pony-tail (as usual), but everyone is commenting on the curls that are not normally there.

Looking forward to Nicole doing my hair now for the real thing!

Bridal Shower!


This past Sunday, my wonderful and talented aunt along with my amazing Mom, hosted a shower for me at my aunt’s home. In attendance were my cousins from Calgary, my aunt from Vancouver, Blaine’s Mom all the way from Manitoba and his sister, my brother’s girlfriend, my Mom’s long-time girlfriends, my childhood neighbours and neighbour’s daughter whom I used to babysit…and HER daughter, and of course my ever-beautiful bridesmaids! It was so nice to visit with everyone, and it really started to get me pumped for the upcoming “big event”.

We feasted on yummy seafood crepes and salad and fruit, and for dessert we had a mouthwatering strawberry trifle, and gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries…all made from scratch by my aunt and mom! My mom even made cranberry pistachio chocolate bark wrapped in individual bags tied with a ribbon in our wedding colour!

We received gifts fit for a Queen (I sure feel like one)…we are so lucky to have all of these wonderful and generous people in our lives to celebrate with us! When I got home I got to show Blaine all of the gifts we received…I think he was just as amazed as I was that the two of us could be so lucky :)

Domino Victory


Blaine’s parents are in town visiting, and we all like to play board games etc for fun in the evening. Last night we played Dominos, and despite Bill and Beryl’s best efforts (ie little attempts at cheats here and there), I came out victorious in all 3 games!

I’m sure we will play a few more rounds by the time they get tired of us and decide to head home to Manitoba. Hopefully I can keep the Domino championship title…somehow I doubt it though.

Season 3 – Game 7 Post Game – Everingham vs Rudy


We lost the game last night after we decided we just wanted to have a couple of drinks and talk to my parents and about Sean and Nora’s NEW HOUSE!

Since they bought a new house just before arriving at the rink, everyone was not soo excited about the game so we just gave them the win. And since it was our last game of the season we grabbed some excellent curling team shots.

You can view them HERE

Round 3 – Game 7 Pre Game – Everingham vs Rudy


Well this evening we will be playing our final game of the curling season. Alexis and I are sad to see it coming to a finish as we had soo much fun curling this winter. It really helped pass the week quickly and gave us lots of excitement.

Unfortunately this evening we are playing the Rudy rink. They are not really a fun team to play as there skips an ass, which filters down threw the team. They also have a player who Nora has nicknamed “doll”.. Not sure why.

Also my parent are going to be arriving in town this evening. So, hopefully they will arrive at the rink before the first rock is thrown so they can be our BAD luck charm. At least, last time they attended our game we lost;)

Bring on the rocks and booze!

It’s curling time!

Dream Weaver


Posted by Ape:

Blaine had a dream last night that he lived in a Trailer Park and ate mushroom soup casserole. He showed me a picture this morning of a meal he would like to eat and begged and begged me to make it for him.

I emphasized that we eat much higher quality meals when I’m in charge, and he should know better.