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Round 3 – Game 5 Pre game – Everingham vs Nelson


Well after watching the final round on the Womens curling on television on the weekend, I’m sure were good to go. We will just have to put up some high guards then throw some directional hit and rolls into the center of the house. If we curl about 98% then we will not have a problem beating the Nelson rink…

On a more down to earth level. This evening game is against the team that is seated one slot ahead of us. So it will be a close and exciting game. They are a fun team to play!

Simple Questions


What’s a lovity?

Season 3 – Game 4 Post Game – Everingham vs Rudd


Well last nights game was very interesting. We were out played, out shot and should have been cleaned up, but still pulled off the big “Win”!

The Rudd rink really knows what curling is about, they were using strategy that only the guys in the professional use. For example there lead would always throw the first rock short or long. In the fifth end the score was 3 to 2 for them and they had final stone. There was no rocks in the house and one rock waaaay out front. They chose to throw the rock threw the house to hold on to the hammer.

Anyhow after they did that the next end we scored four points which almost made them quit, instead of playing the final seventh end. Our original plan during this end was to keep the house clean. We missed a few takeouts and our plan was shot. With my final rock they were sitting three. (enough to tie). I was lucky enough to put my rock close to one of their inner rocks that they had to hit mine on the inside to roll in for the win. Thirty seconds later, when they threw there rock, they did not move mine enough and only scored two point, not enough. The moral of the story is.. We have extreme difficulty keeping the house clean with takouts… Oh well.

There were two extremely notable plays this game both from Nora. She seemed to be right on the strategy as a couple of times I was thinking totally different shots, she pointed out excellent ideas for our rocks which were executed to get us points or keep them to a single point! Excellent job I don’t always see everything!

Season 3 – Pre Game – Everingham vs Rudd


Well this evening we are playing Rudd for the first time. They are currently leading the C league since coming down from the B.

Well be happy to have Nora and Seaon back on the ice since their recent trip down south. Hopefully with all the sun and heat they have taken in they don’t forget about the sweetness of pebbled ice ;)

The Nest


Yesterday the Dove and I headed over to the Mother Hen’s nest. There she spent the morning trying to sewing up some table runners for our wedding. After only a couple hours they had a couple done and everyone all cut out. A most impressive feat!

While they were sewing, Les and I were working on my truck. We spent another couple of hours trying to get off rusted screws from the exhaust system. Finally I decided to call it quits as we would just spend all day fighting with them trying to get it off. Instead I’ve made a few phone calls to find a place that will install the Y exhaust pipe that I picked up!

I’m hoping that tomorrow I can get it installed at the muffler place and be back on the road! It will be nice to have my truck working again as right now it’s sooo noisy that I’m scared to even drive it.


Well, my parents went to visit my Grandma for a few days. While they were out there they stayed at the farm and had to work for their keep. My dad loves working with the cattle and riding in a John Deere

Valentine’s Day!


Well, despite the fact that we lost horribly to the Ball team, Beth threw some really great rocks considering it was her second time. Mid-way through the game she really started to get a feel for the weight, and got a few in the house. Way to go!
I threw a really nice rock that snuck into a tight squeeze, but then it was blown out later…oh well.
I know Blaine was getting a little frusterated with us, as he felt that his “women” were not obeying his skip orders…well, he better get used to it ;)

This Valentine’s Day will be a memorable one for us becuase today is the day we picked up my wedding band, and Blaine purchased his band too (still needs to be made). I love how my band looks with my engagement ring, and was able to stare at them both together for all of about 2 seconds… then Blaine took it away and hid it, only to be seen again when I say “I do”.

Round 3 – Game 3 Pre-Game- Everingham vs Ball


Curling is not canceled for Valentines Day, so off to the rink we go. However this evening we will be replacing Nora and Sean with Beth. Since this will be Beth’s second time ever curling we are expecting her to throw all “Beginners Luck” rocks. The Ball rink was the people that take forever to make decision on their thows. Luckily we’re speedy with either winning or losing so should be home “in bed” by eleven!

Sean and Nora made a last minute decision to head down to Mexico to take is some sun and fun. Not to mention mixing it up with a bunch of family! I hope you are having a great time, and make sure Nora does some Tequila off the counter tops!

Twin-rix for Me


I (Alexis) just got my Hep A/B injection from one of my nursing colleques, and I seriously did not even feel it! I think my arm might be a bit achey later, but that’s normal.

Blaine and her should have self-injection competitions. She actually thought I should have been able to give it to myself…guess I’m a wimp :)

Angie & Twin-Rex


Well, it seems like this is the month of Hospital visits. On Friday I found out that my friend Angie is back in the hospital awaiting surgery. She suffers from an extremely aggressive case of Chrons. They keep cutting out intestine thinking that they have got enough, but have yet been able to stop it. We all hope that this time is the final time she will have to go under the knife.

On a happier note, Alexis bet me that I could NOT give myself the Twin-Rex (hep a & b) vaccination needle. A bet she sadly made, and sorely lost! Unfortunately she did not like my technique as it was not “text book”. This meant that she would not let me vaccinate her. Oh well. I think I’m going to write a book and title it “How to give a needle so that not a drop of blood comes from the hole and you don’t even need a bandage”.

Nurse Blaine