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Honeymoon Booked!


Last night I was on the phone to airmiles for a million hours trying to figure out the best way to get to our honeymoon destination of Belize. After awhile we got it all figured out and could only use our airmiles for one ticket to get down there. We were hoping for two tickets but one is better then none.

Anyhow, May 2nd to May 12th we are going to be in Belize buggering around. We have booked a stay at Caves Branch and Almond Beach. Although I’m sure the highlight is going to be eating in Hopkins

Round 3 – Game 2 Postponed


This evening we don't have a curling game. Apparently there is a mens tournament happening this week so all games are delayed until next week.

Instead we are meeting Nora and Sean for a fun game of badminton. I have not played this in years, so I got my old racket out of the closet and dusted it off!

Jasper in January


Well this past weekend Alexis, Nora, Sean and I all went up to Jasper to visit Marmot Basin. We rented a van and all piled in for the drive. And what a drive! The roads were fairly good, except for some ice and snow, however on the Icefields Parkway there was soooo much snow. I have not saw that much in years. Drifts piled higher then the Van on both sides. We knew we were in for a good time!

When we arrived at Jasper Park Lodge (our accommodations) we found the room to be quite nice, and a good size. The lodge it's self had a games room, meeting rooms, pool, hot tub, sauna, you name it. It was really nice.

Saturday we hit the slopes on what can only be described as a perfect day. It was -1 Celsius with a tonne of sun and zero wind. The riding was some of the best we've had in awhile and was extremely enjoyable.

Alexis liked her new helmet and I liked testing mine out when I fell off the lift ;)

Round 3 – Game 1 Post Game


Well, last night we got blown out of the water after only four ends.
We ended up losing 9 to 2. But the team we played was really fun so
it did not matter that much.

Round 3 – Game 1 Pre-Game


Well the standing are out for the first two rounds.

We have managed to maintain our position in fifth spot. However, we are only five points behind the leader and one point behind teams 2,3 and 4. So, I would say that we are doing quite well.

This evening we play at 6:30 against Team Pollock. By the last name of their skip you tend to think that they are all Polish. However, I can not remember. I think they were a team that dropped from the B league and beat us by one point when we played them. I also think this is the team that took forever to make decisions… At least it’s not the late game again.

Hopefully we play as good as we did last week!

Alexis, get ready for our pre-game stretching routine!

Invitation Mayham


Well, this weekend Alexis and I spend making wedding invitations. We spent hours on them and I can now see why people pay others to do this crappy job.

Are we done? Of course not, only a billion more hours to go. Oh and only 94 more days until were married.

Game 7 – Post Game


Well as predicted last nights game against the A-League team dropped to the C-League that was yet to lose a game was difficult. We lost the coin toss, and the game started with a bang. Every thing we put up to guard they came around for better rock placement. Getting close to the end of the first I thought that we were in major trouble. Then we threw a rock that landed exactly on the button and it changed you was in contol of the end. A bunch of guards later we stole one point!

Not only did we steal one point in the first end, but we kept stealing points! By the end of the fifth end the A-League team threw in the towel to the game as we were up nine to zero! Again, that’s 9-0!

Our team played excellent last night! Everyone threw the exact weight for their shots and they ended up exactly where I wanted them! If any rock was thrown bad last night it was one I threw that was on-line until three-quarters of the ice and hit something causing it to take a forty-five degree turn. Nora threw excellent front rocks ending in the top of the house like I wanted them. Sean grabbed a new nick name, “The Sniper”. Alexis performed all her draws flawless, like they were last games game winner. And I just had to throw up guards to keep the point counting!

This was our best game yet!

Curl on!

Oh and this put our Season 2 record the same as Season 1. 3 losses 4 wins

Game 7 – Pre Game


Well this evening we are going to have a tough game. Not only are we unfortunate enough to have drawn the late game draw, but we also have a very difficult team. Yes, the team we play tonight dropped down from either the A or B league. So far they are undefeated.. Obviously they should belong in a higher league since this is the case.

Anyhow, our strategy will stay the same as the other games. Get ahead and stay head. Or keep the ice clean and make it difficult for them to get any points.

If Sean makes one of those awesome double takeouts again tonight I’m going to fall down on the ice and cry for joy!

Good luck team!

Photography Plans


We met with our wedding photographer this week to go over details about location, and to discuss our expectations etc.
I must say, I am very excited about having Sarah as our photographer because she seems to have some really neat ideas for some cool photo ops. We have seen some of her pictures from another friend’s wedding, and we really like her style.
I’m glad that’s another detail taken care of, because the details are starting to pile up fast and furious! Nothin we can’t handle though…lot’s of time!

The Banff Springs


This weekend we headed out to Banff for a friends wedding at the Banff Springs hotel. Since it was at such a high class joint we expected it to be super swanky. We were not disappointed. The food was excellent, music was good and the whole affair was a hit.

Attending this Wedding has put Alexis into high gear on some of our preparations. For example, this evening we are going to meet with our photographer so we can tell them exactly what photographs we must have taken. Plus this week she is hooking up with a friend to work on the invitations. Oh and don’t forget the upcoming Bridal fair on the weekend too! Can you say busy?

Oh and our cat was really mad and hungry when we got home. I guess he missed us!