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Liver Transplate Co-ordinator Alexis!


Alexis the liver transplant co-ordinator says “SOOOOO TRUE”;

Eagle Dove


Well this weekend we went over to my sisters for some dinner and games. When we arrived we found Michael hungover and Olivia in a foul mood. However Oliva got better quickly whilst Michael suffered away! LOL

They cooked us a very nice dinner and then we played “Scategories”. After they explained the rules we had a go at the game. Alexis decided to make up her own rules of the game and fill out the easist question twelve times instead of answering each question once. In the first round she only got one point ;(

What I did learn for this game is that “Eagle Dove” is not a term of endearment, and Kim cheats. (well.. I knew that she cheated before, but we always have to bust her.. Who ever heard of a JUMPING ALLIGATOR)

Wedding Website


Well, tonight I(Alexis) discovered the world of wedding website creation, and I love it! I am having so much fun creating all of the information, uploading pics…I can’t wait to get more information. Now Blaine will have to enter his stories and pictures now too!
Check it out so far:
Our Wedding Site!!!

Kim’s Shopping Experience


I guess Kim when shopping today and this is what she bought. (the clothes not the baby)

Christmas Party


Well, last night was my work Christmas party. It was held at the Verve in Kinsington, an upscale restaurant that was closed to the public. The company had rented a band as well as covered all the drinks and food.

Tastey. That’s the word that best describes the whole experience. The drinks were plentiful ranging from wine, hard liquor to martini’s. Unfortunately I had to work the next morning so I did not partake in as much booze as I would have like to.

For the dinner they had multiple choices, however I went with soup, steak and cheese cake. Every course was delicious and I did not have enough room for all the cheese cake (which may be considered a sin).

Yummie, Yummie, I have Cookie in my Tummy!


Last night Alexis spent a gazillion hours making cookies. Not just a dozen, or two dozen or even three dozen, NOOOOO she made 13 dozen! They are so delicious it makes me feel bad that she is trading them at work today for other types. As I could just down all of them in a couple of days.

Oh course we thought it would be best if we were generous, so I brought some into work. So far the verdict is “Alexis can make cookies for the office when ever she feels like it”.

Game 4 – Post Game


On Sunday we had a makeup game so that we did not have to play this coming Wednesday. The team that we played is the team that we least liked in the league. The reason for this is that the first time that we played them, they burned three rocks and did not say anything. As well they took marginal points when they were already up by ten points in the game. Long story short, we just always had a bad feeling about them, and wanted nothing more to beat this team.

Once the coin was tossed, we came up on the short side of the toss and were not lucky enough to get the hammer. So, we started out playing our original strategy, cover the center of the ice. It worked out as after the end of the first end we managed to steal two points. Again without the hammer we followed the same strategy, and again we ended up with another two points. Up four nothing at the start of the third.

The other team was starting to get mad, and blame everything on their missed shots. However, they failed to give us any credit for the reason why they missed those shots, because we took them away this well placed guards and other strategy. Anyhow, by then end of the third end we stole three more point giving us a seven – zero lead.

There skipped freaked out and said he was quitting leaving the team with three players on the ice. I guess somewhere between his freekout and getting off the ice he decided to stay.. So another end we go. End of the fourth end we stole another point (which really should have been two as they lady stopped our rock using her broom after they hit it).

Well, end of this end the skip quit again. I guess this time the rest of the team had it with him as well so threw in the towel. So we won eight to zero after four ends.

Although we played good, this was definitely not our best game ever. My shots I was having some weight problems and others were a little off as well. However there were some really nice shots that we did make.

The two most notable were:

2) Nora (lead – second rock) threw a beautiful take out on a rock that their lead put too far in the house. She get props on this shot as I think I have only asked her to do a takeout once before. Well done

1) Alexis (third – second rock) Was throwing a mid weight take out and was off the mark. However, it hit one of our guards before the house, redirected and slipped threw their two rocks to sit closest and right behind them both. This stopped them from being able to play raise on both these rocks into the house.

Another good game for Team Oh Four Two Ate.

For me it was the most important win yet!

Sean’s Curling Warm-up


As you can see, we have captured Sean in his pre-game warm-up routine!

Game 3 – Post Game


Last evening was the one of the closest games we have had yet. In the final end we were down by two points and without last rock. The opposing team has one rock sitting on the bottom outside ring. In front of the house is only what could be described as a mess of rocks with no real path threw to the rings, so thing were not looking good for us. With our last rock we has only one hope, skittering threw the rock clutter (with about a rock and a half width to do so) and connecting on the side of one of our guards. The idea of this show was to move our guard into the house and roll the shooter off to the side behind teh rest of the mess staying in the house also.

So, with our last rock we tried this… Down the ice it went, past the first rock, curling, past the second, and side connection with the guard!! The shot turned out exactly as planned! We were sitting two points and they had one rock left. The only choice they had was to draw into the house past that same mess we just skiddered threw to keep us to one point.

There release was perfect, Sean, Alexis and I were praying for a guard hit, and it just missed the first one, curling, it missed the second one my a hair (litterly) coming to rest just inside the house causing us to only get one point… A sad disappointment as we had made such a fantastic shot and they repeated it.

Oh well, we lost by one, but it was a nail biter right to the end! A really fun night were everyone played awesome!

During the game Sean decided to be our half time entertainment again! Apparently not everyone with curling shoes know the ice is slippery and would rather do a “Slide, Drop and Butt Massage”. Of course with Nora massaging his butt on the rink, I think I broke my gut laughing.

Excellent Game.

Game 3 – Pre Game


It’s Wednesday again so that mean Curling! Unfortunately this week I we are playing one of the top two (they are tied) ranked teams. I think it’s the younger team that is fun to play NOT the top ranked team that burns rocks and does not official notify you so we can make a decision.. But, there another story.

Anyhow, this game should be really exciting tonight! Last time they just beat us, and although both teams I am sure have got better we defiantly have a solid chance. I think the best way to beat this team is to stick to our current strategy, that is during the first few ends play conservative trying to keep the center of the ice open for last rock (or closed if we don’t have last rock). It would be nice if we could start making more of the bump our own rocks up shots, but we will try and play those only when we are forced to or are feeling very confident.

Game on!