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Wedding Planning thus far…


So, since we set date (actually, over a month ago), we have accomplished the following:
- church is booked
- reception venue is booked
- signed up for Marriage Classes (thanks Nora and Sean for this one!)
- bought my dress
- bought, and then proceeded to ruin my shoes (I’ll leave instructions later how NOT to dye things)
- bridesmaids are measured and dresses will be ordered asap
- photographer is booked
- decorations are planned but still in my head
- I’m still creating the invitations in my head
- wedding rings are bought, marriage license is aquired…
…just kidding Nora, don’t worry, you’re still ahead.

Game 2 of the Second Round – Post Game


Well, apparently the team I thought we were playing and the team we played were two different teams. Instead the “Schmidt” rink turned out to be a team that we had previously beat and have yet to have one win this season.

We played six ends before we were greatly in the lead. Then they decided to call the game in favor for throwing some practice rocks and talking strategy. All around it was a fun evening, as during practice I played second so I got to sweep.

I think Sean and Nora really liked it when I was sweeping. Probably payback for all the times that I have to get them to sweep ;)

I also forgot to mention the funniest thing.. Sean was sweeping hard to keep the rock straight and maybe had a bit too much pressure on the broom as it slipped and he went straight down on the ice! LOL. Luckily he was ok, and the shot ended up perfect! Cudo’s to him for taking it for the team!

Game 2 of the Second Round – Pre Game


Well this evening we play the “Schmidt” rink. I think that this is the first team we played during round one. Two of the members had over thirty years experience and the other two only five years experience.

Needless to say we were killed the first time, however our team has vastly improved. With our strategy changes and everyone having a great idea of “weight” to throw for different shots, we should be good competition.

I really look forward to the Wednesday nights that we have these early games. Mostly because it means that we can have a bunch of booze after the game and not have to just rush home!


The Date


We have set a date for our Wedding!!

April 28th, 2007!

(Now to do the rest of the planning)

HH Curling


Alexis and I have signed up for a season of curling. We were lucky enough to find fun team members using the Hospital classified ads. The unfortunate part was that none of our team has really played much.

Our Team consists of:
Lead – Nora
Second – Sean
Third – Alexis
Fourth – Blaine

At the end of the first round we had three wins and four losses. This was enough to get us into fifth place on the “C” league. The teams that were in front of us were tied at 28 points for first and second, and 23 points for first and fourth. We can 22 points.

Our team has really improved and are really looking forward to the second part of the season.

Savage 25


So far this year I have been running my Savage at the blackfoot motorsports park. Lots of people show up on Sundays and drink booze and race.

I’ve done a new upgrades but really need a new engine to be more competitive.

Two Wheels for Two People


This year I bought my first motorcycle, a Harley Davisdon V-Rod. It’s the most amazing bike I have ever ridden. Not only does it look good, but it’s fast, sleek and fun.

Alexis also took the motorcycle course and was very excited. So excited that we also bought her a Suzuki GS500!!