Harley Reloaded


As some of you may remember, about a year ago I had a very unfortunate incident where I hit some gravel one my V-Rod and dumped it causing major damage.

At the time I decided that it was not worth it to go through insurance to fix the bike, since I wanted to put on additional custom parts to make the bike more personalized. After months of hunting for parts, winter and a few hickups. I’ve finally got it road worthy again.

The major items that were fixed or changes were, cracked frame, replaced handle bars and gauges, switch housing, brakes and clutch bleeding, front light relocation.

Right now I’m also looking at moving the license plate and changing the rear signal lights. However this might not happen that quick, since I finally have it back on the road!!! Boy did I miss it!

Crawling 101


Yesterday was a big day in our house! Our little guy decided that after a couple of months of rolling around on the floor it was time to get to business.

So he put his mind toward being able to get to the cat’s tail and started moving forward! It was not smooth, or graceful. It was more like a snake trying to get off hot pavement. However it did accomplish the goal.

Now the cat must really start to watch-out, as I’m sure he’s high on the must keep touching priority list!

Sweat and Steal


How time flies when you have a new addition to the family.

Blogging your latest adventures or misadventures really is not at the top of the priority list. So, for all you followers (all three of you) I apologize.

One of the first things that we have purchased as a family, was a family pass to the gym. The wife signed us up for “Sweat and Steal” course that’s run weekly. During this time we can put the youngster in their Day Care and do this class.

The first time we went, I was thinking how hard can this REALLY be, there are 15 women from the age of 25 to great grandmother and a handful of guys. There are twenty stations where you do different cardio or weight activities for one minute then switch with 15 seconds in between.

After one hour I surprised to find out how tired I was, as it’s an activity that you only get out what you put it. Apparently I may have put in too much because the following two days I could barely lift my son above shoulder height.

Now I dread Wednesdays… But it is sure not as hard as many martial arts workouts I’ve had over the years. Plus, if the truth is told.. I’m starting to get a little out of shape..

Lennox Furnace vs Arpis Repair Service


With the cold weather finally here, we’ve had to switch from running the furnace fan to running the heat on our 1.5 year old high efficientcy Lennox furnace.

Upon throwing the switch we immedidately noticed a problem. The furnace was starting and stopping about a dozen times a minute, and the fan was also starting and stopping.

The weekends scheduled weather is supposed to range from -5 to -16 degrees celcius for all days so Friday, before the weekend we called Arpis to come in and repair the malfunctioning furnace.

I should have been aware right off the bat that Arips was not going to be an acceptable job, since my call the schedule the approintment the person on the other end could only say “we are swamped”, and seemed like he wanted me to hang up. Either way, I did not and they made an appointment for 2pm on Friday.

When 2pm arrived so did the Arpis technican, and we were glad to see him! Since it was around -11 out already. He came in for an hour and did a massive amount of circut testing. Only to decided that the circuit board on our pretty much brand new furnace was shot.

A breif inspecting into his van found that he did not have the correct board on hand. Instead of going back to the shop and getting the part, he did the following.

1) Turned off our furnace completely
2) Said on Monday morning we should schedule another service call.
3) Said if it gets really cold call Arpis Emergency Response call center.
4) Left

Why some company can get away with coming in to a home on the coldest weekend of the year and turning the furnace off, the tell the home owner, “If it gets cold call our emergency response call center”. I have no idea.

Is it because, like the Arpis rep said on the phone “We are swamped”? Does this give them the right to not complete service calls and then have clients pay a higher fee for a service that should have been completed during regular hours?

No only has Arpis left his high and dry.. We can not even call another company because the tech has already been here and we are going to have to pay the service fee anyhow…

Arpis.. You get a mark of FAIL!
Lennox High Efficiency Furnace.. You ge a mark of FAIL as well.. It worked for only 10 months of heating.

RC Pro Canadian Nationals


This summer was a very successful racing season where I finished Third in the province in Intermediate buggy. With this strong finish, I received an invite to the RC Pro Canadian Nationals.

Not wanting to miss out on my chance at a National Title, we packed up the new family and headed to Edmonton for the event. The race was a two day event held at SICS races way, and followed the same format as all of the other races. Day one was qualifying and day two was the main events.

Having little time before the first day to prep my vehicle, I spend some of the evening in the hotel trying to get the minor tuning issues worked out between changing diapers and baby rocking.

We arrived at the track at 7am to get our tent and race equipment setup in time for the 8am drivers meeting. During the meeting they told us that there were going to be four qualifying rounds and the best two determine you starting position for the final event day.

Never having driven this track I was a little nervous when the qualifying started, since there were multiple obstacles on the course that I’ve never experienced and was not sure the fastest way through them. However after a few practice laps I was getting the hang of it, and was able to really pick things up and finish with a 3rd place finish.

Then next qualifier ran 90% of the way until the finish, until the computer crashed, so we all had to go back to pit lane and wait for a restart. Unfortunately when the restart was ready to happen I could not get my vehicle started because of a blown glow plug. Qualifier two result, DNF.

Prior to the third qualifier, I made some tire changes to my vehicle in hopes of loosing up the back end for the tight turns. My car drove like a dream and I was able to squeek out a 1st place finish a whole half second ahead of second place!

Again I switched tires for the final qualifier to try Proline’s new Revolver tire, since they are supposed to add stupid amounts of grip, and I had planned on running them during the final on Sunday. The tires totally changed the way the car handled, it felt like it was on rails. I ended up finishing second place.

Leaving the races on Saturday I had secured a third place start in the A-Main intermediate buggy event. I was very happy with this result and looking forward to Sunday’s main event.

Unfortunately on Sunday just before our event it started to rain cats and dogs. This closed the track, and after some waiting shutdown race day. So placements were awarded based upon qualifying positions.

So at the PC Pro Canadian Nationals I placed Third in the intermediate buggy race!

However this gave me enough points to place Second Nationally! I’ve also received an invitation to the RC Pro Internationals in Texas! Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to attend.

Mr. Corbin’s First Video


Here’s a short video of Corbin minutes after he joined our family!

Mr. Corbin


This weekend was an extremely exciting (and scary) time for our family.

Our new addition has finally arrived and everyone is doing great. I should be posting about the whole experience, however, I just want to get back to the hospital for a visit.

So, enjoy the photos.

Corbin William Everingham

Backyard Development – Stage One


This year is our second summer in our house, but the first with our grading certificate. So with that little piece of paper in hand we can get down to some serious development.

Stage one of turning our yard into a baby oasis, is to turn it into a jail… Ups I mean add a fence.

After confirming with the neighbors we decided that a cedar fence with pressure treated posts was in order. So we ordered up the material and got to work.

The first thing that was done was a bobcat was hired to put in post holes for both our house and the neighbors. We followed that up with hours of work installing posts, cementing, screwing boards and finally putting on the gate.

1st Annual Nitro Stampede!


This weekend was the first annual nitro stampede. It was an event focused on buggy and truggy classes without making a driver distention between Pro or Sportsman. The race was a two day event that the top three people in each class received a cash payout!

Saturday was a busy day running four qualifiers, before calling it quits for the day. The competition at the top of the field was close, first to third position was separated by seconds.

Before the start of the fouth qualifier I was in the twelfth starting position, and hoping to improve two position so that I could start in the A main on Sunday. After racing five of the six minutes I was on track to take over seventh position! However, I had a very hard crash that ended up turning my engine off. After a quick restart, I found I lost two laps and had no chance in increasing my starting position. However I was very happy with my racing.

Sunday they ran one more last chance qualifier, before the Main events. I found myself starting in third ( I was bumped down a bit) position on the long thirty minute main event. As soon as the race started, I took the corner at high speed to try and keep a clean start without getting hit from behind. I made a nice clean corner, and was straightening up for the double jumps and took to the air. Unfortunately, another vehicle hit me in the air, causing me to flip and land on my lid. After all cars past me, I finally got flipped over and was dead last.

At this point I was very ticked off and ran a few laps, somewhat out of control. However, after a while I settled down and started to make my passes. Just under half way into the event I had worked my way up eighth position. In the next few minutes, I was able to knock off the next three people leaving me sitting in fifth position!

Jeff, my stiffest competition and good friend was running fourth. After a few corners, I found a place to sneak past him into fourth. Approximately, the next five laps, left him and I changing positions contently. However I ended up pulling away from him and keeping the fourth position for the end of the race.

Having completed the B main in the fourth position, I was the last person to be bumped into the A Main 45 minute race. With only one race between my next A-Main race I was very worried about getting my batteries charges and ready to go. However, they just peak charged before the event was to start to I threw them in the buggy and hit the starting gate.

I really was not worried about where I finished in this race, as I was just happy to be there. About half way into the race I found myself in eight position. Soon after my steering really slowed down so I had to pull into the pits. After a couple of minutes and a few quick repairs I was back out on the track and able to finish the race in 9th.

Overall, I was very impressed with my standing. Another excellent race weekend.

Bare the Belly!


Last week, we decided to hire a photographer to get some photos of my pregnant belly at 35 weeks. I really wanted to capture this special time for us, and get proof that my skin can actually stretch that far (without stretch marks yet, fingers crossed)!

Lisa from Redfern Photography took these photos and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Her prices are very reasonable, and we get to keep the disc for printing! There are over 100 photos that we love, but here are a few of our favourites: